I’ve got the blues. I’ve got the “We Didn’t Have Enough Log On For Ulduar So We Had To Go Back To Naxx” blues.

However, it was kind of fun – my buddy Tulmok and I made it into a Naxxramas Drinking Game. We had very intricate rules, so sometimes it was hard to keep track of drinks, but it certainly made Naxx more fun. Also, I finally had a chance to see what my DPS has done post-3.1 patch. It has skyrocketed, apparently. Here’s our Gluth battle. Yeah, Gluth, where I’m the only hunter and I’m hitting Tranq every chance I get. Nuts.


I’m confused as hell. Is there an increase in damage with Gluth that I don’t know about, like Loetheb spores or Thaddius? I didn’t think there was, but there’s no way in hell I pulled 1k more DPS after the patch, and I never did Patchwerk DPS on Gluth, so it’s even more than that. Not to mention regular Tranq shots throwing off the rotation…

I’m starting to mistrust WWS more and more as time goes on – it never matches my recount (I don’t really trust Recount either, but now I just don’t know what to do) and it seems so…high…all the time.

Some of you will just say “Oh it’s the new Marksman stuff” but I don’t believe it. Not for a second. Theories, anyone? Known glitches or bugs? Anything? Thanks.

❤ Nass


Here is the breakdown of damage, including Pet damage (Negs, take a look – 11%, and he was active 100% of the time – you would think it’s Wolf-related, but Eidan was doing about the same, so I’m confused). *ANOTHER EDIT* Just did the math on Piercing Shots – 425.5 DPS by itself, which is impressive, but doesn’t account for the extra 615+ DPS, since my usual DPS is closer to 4500. Again…weird.


Ceallach's Breakdown


~ by Kelly Jennelle on April 27, 2009.

34 Responses to “=*(”

  1. You AoEd decimated packs, no? Marks has buffs in their AoE.

  2. Actually, no, I ignored the Zombies and focused on Tranq. So Volley was not a % of my damage.

  3. Ah Gluth, I’d love to get a chance to DPS that again. But once your raid discovers you’ve kited chow before and the raid downed the dog, then you can guess who gets the honors.

    Anyway, I’m not as well geared as you, but yeah, myself and a SV hunter saw around 300-400 dps increase (Recount and WWS) post patch. Him not quite as high as me, so I’m now on even ground with him as far as damage goes.

    I’ve long not trusted Recount numbers, basically only use them to verify that I’m not sucking it up on any particular evening. And who knows about WWS, I figure if they’re off, at least they’re off for everyone (I hope).

    I think you’re just letting not getting into Ulduar get to you too much. Face it Nass, you’re that good! 😉

  4. I call shinannigans. lol

  5. Gluth is After Patch = more drinks = Better Nass?

  6. LOL Helluvan equation…I would think a tropical Malibu and Peach would hinder my ability to play, hence the attitude of “I’d better stay on Gluth so I don’t forget to Tranq him”. >.>

  7. /focus $MAIN_TANK
    /cast [target=focustarget] Tranquilizing Shot

    profit 😀

  8. I think you missed the part where I explained my drunken state of mind. LOL

    Anyway, know where that 600+ DPS came from?? Because I don’t.

  9. I would say that the extra DPS is coming from Chimera, but you’re not glyphed for it, you are glyphed for Aimed. That said, it looks like the Hit counts are screwy: You only used Chimera 5 times? That can’t be right…

  10. I know…wtf? I just don’t trust WWS. I know I missed several shots because of Tranq, but I wouldn’t think I’d miss that many Chimeras.

  11. idk but i would think that piercing shots would do alot of damage extra so that would add alot of dps, i mean it does count for 8% of your dps and if that was around 4-5k *has to do math* 320-400 extra dps plus other abilties that were buffed in patch so that might acount for extra dps, plus nass you might play better while drunk…. maybe try it again and see if results are similar =P

  12. Possible. Pre-patch, you may not even have had Piercing Shots where after patch, it does added dps with no effort on your part. So you do nothing different yet Piercing adds damage.

  13. maybe its the armor penetration change… I mean I doubt it.. but its another thing that got buffed for us Hunters… I have seen my DPS rocket to the top of the charts and I’m BM 🙂

    Last of the Beastmasters 😛

    PS. I stopped using recount when they nerfed BMs… I didn’t want to know what my DPS was while the raid was going on lol

  14. As I said before, Piercing Shots only accounts for 425 of my DPS total. The rest had to come from somewhere. Armor Pen would be a good guess, if I’d had any Armor Pen on my gear, which I didn’t at the time. So I’m still at a loss. Keep guessing!~

  15. it could be a combination of all the little things that have been buffed adding up? pet +5%, armor pen, piercing shots, Wild Quiver etc etc…

    ps. have you been adding silencing shots into your rotation?

  16. possibly also changes to the buffs you had?

  17. We run with a pretty tight group – I had the same buffs as always. I haven’t been using Silencing shot in my rotation. My pet now does LESS damage than before (it was -5% for all Ferocity pets, down from +10% bonus to only +5%, if I understand correctly). Wild quiver is doing a bit more, good call on that one, but I’d still only peg it at an additional 100DPS if that. And again, I had no Armor Pen pieces.

    But all very good ideas!

  18. The WWS seems a little strange…
    You are doing an average of 5k dmg on autoshots… (total dmg/52hits= 5042), and you only got 52 autoshots off during a fight over 3min..(the wws also says your auto crits for about 4k.)that puts you at an autoshot every 4 seconds…with you being drunk and sticking to tranq-shot you shouldn’t have been moving all that much.

    I think your WWS is drunk:p

    Any chance there is a hidden drunk bonus? there’s no cow-lvl:(

  19. also…if you’ve had 5 hits with chimera and done 150k dmg, that’s 30k per shot:(

  20. Yeah…it don’t make no sense, dude. It don’t make no sense.

  21. its clearly messed up becuase you were ahead of me. that is all

  22. As was half the raid…

    Better step it up, buddy boy!

    Did KT drop those epic pants? 😉

  23. yeah the day a certain rogue out dps’s me i’ll turn in my axe. and yes its safe to say that KT is on farm status now, and the pants always drop =)

  24. Hahaha Nice…

    If we don’t hit Ulduar tonight, want to play the drinking game again? If so, I’ll buy some booze on the way home.

  25. yeah thats cool, i’ll have to make a run to the store too. I’d have someone else do it but… well ya know.

  26. You mean she’s in school, learning about biology, taking gym classes, and talking about cute boys at lunch? Yeah…I know.

  27. ha, kinda meant that they probably wouldnt sell her alcohol, but all that works too.

  28. WWS seems odd to me lately as well. We ran 25-man Naxx the other night and my Loatheb was way higher than it’s ever been, but my Patchwerk seemed down. Since patch 3.1 and dual-spec’ing the numbers do seem a bit off.

    Also, my wolf seem hungrier than ever. I’m going through stacks of food like crazy.

  29. Hmm Interesting – thanks for sharing, and I’ll keep it in mind.

  30. “I would say that the extra DPS is coming from Chimera, but you’re not glyphed for it, you are glyphed for Aimed. That said, it looks like the Hit counts are screwy: You only used Chimera 5 times? That can’t be right…”

    Nass, when looking at a WWS, it’s important to click on the spell/shot name to see actual hits/crits. The overall view only shows non-crit hits and therefore will make your numbers seem screwy. Open the WWS, then click on the “total damage” number for that shot. It will expand to show everything, hits, crits, misses, percentages of each, etc. and will give you a much clearer picture of what that shot is actually doing.

  31. /facepalm

    Well, that shows that, but it STILL doesn’t explain why my DPS was so freakin’ high. And where the hell did 75% crit on Chimera come from? I’ve never ever seen it do that before.

  32. Lucky “rolls” with the Chimera crits. That could explain a little more DPS as well. I think I’ve seen that once with me as well. It’s especially nice when Kill shot crits every time on a boss, which has also happened a couple of times for me. 45K damage with 3 shots will boost your DPS too. 🙂

    I don’t know though, I’m still just guessing. Just drink the same thing every time you raid. You know, kind of like in sports where you get on a good winning streak and you’re scared to wash your socks because you don’t want to mess up the karma. I’m not saying that I’ve ever done that in the past… really… maybe…

  33. Hahaha Well I was wearing my lucky thong so who knows???

  34. Between tranqs and frost traps, that really is impressive. But I noticed a huge jump in my DPS after patch, too. And it’s not just Piercing Shots. I’m afraid of getting the nerfbat next patch.

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