Explicit Gets Angry

Last night was another sad night of short attendance. We didn’t have nearly enough regular raiders to attempt Ulduar. I was very sad and depressed. Much QQ. Instead, we ran into the Vault of Archavon to attempt the new boss, the Boss of a Billion Beards.

We got maybe three attempts in and had gotten the fight down pretty well. On our fourth attempt, the boss was at about 16% when suddenly, everyone sees the same thing pop up : the loading screen. Yes, we’d been kicked, because the battle for Wintergrasp was starting over again. As you can imagine, there was much angry shouting in vent. Finally, we came to the conclusion that we weren’t going to be beaten, so we hauled our group outside and fought.

Let me preface this by saying that we are raiders, not PvPers. We had a group total of about 50 resilience, and our Wintergrasp knowledge boiled down to three people out of 22.

“Where do we go?”

“What am I doing?”

“Woah, what’s that?!”


Poor Alliance didn’t even see us coming. I know nothing about Wintergrasp, but I’m told we had a perfect victory. Behold, the slaughter.

Wintergrasp Slaughter

See any Alliance?

Hell hath no fury like <Explicit> scorned.

Then we went back in as though nothing had happened, took down Emalon, and looted his cold dead body.

Emalon Dead

I got a pair of PvP gloves that I’ll probably never use (and there was much rejoicing…yay…).

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on April 28, 2009.

15 Responses to “Explicit Gets Angry”

  1. Haha, Great story! Nice work.

  2. hehe
    nice one.
    btw: It warms my fuzzy hordy heart when you say:
    “Poor Alliance didn’t even see us coming.” 😉
    If you ever feel like switching sides I’ll supply the drinks…and cookies

  3. …i know…I made a boo boo…i’ll stop talking now.

  4. *confused*


  5. I love the second picture.

    “_____ has earned the achievement “An Honourable Kill”

    That was gold.

  6. Yup….that’s how NOT pvp-centric we are. lol

  7. Ugh, is it that time of year again? The source of raiders trickles down to a minimum?

    Blah… Hope it goes better next week >_<
    Grats on Emalon though – we haven’t even poked at him yet!

  8. its all the college age kids with stupid finals and whatnot….

  9. same sort of thing happened with our guild first emalon attempt, wiped a couple times and got the boot warning, managed to down him with 3 minutes to spare.

  10. #@%!$ Horde scum argragargle…!

    Woah, sorry, Warsong Gulch flashbacks. Anyway, congrats on your successful PvP baptism by fire, and I’m sure your guild will soon experience a resurgence of raiding interest. I suppose I should be glad my guild only does 10-mans; the loot isn’t as great, but at least it’s reliable!

  11. LOL, that story (and pics) rock! I’m still laughing a little writing this.

    Now, on a more serious note… yeah, I think it’s that time of year (for whatever the reason). It was just two weeks ago I had raided every single night during the week and I was thinking, wow, this could wear me out really quickly (not to mention the gold drain and general inventory of supplies going low). And since then I’ve only been once. We couldn’t even get a guild run on Naxx 10 this past weekend. It seems like all of the sudden schedules just aren’t matching up.

    And gratz on Emalon!!! Few things are as fun as taking down a nasty boss with some allys to boot!

  12. I was almost depressed when i heard that emalon wasnt another loot piniata 😦 but i guess something that a tank in greens and all the dps who dont know fight can do isnt nessesarily good for the game…..still though another loot piniata for us undergeared people would make me smile…… on another note nass i think before you start saying that you are no good at pvp try it out a little and mess around in it, give it a chance

  13. also on the people missing stuff i can speak from current expierience , teachers like to give many tests and standards and stuff right about now and then right after this we have final but then we are free….. and yes im a youngon /facepalm

  14. My poor alliance buddies… be nice Nass. Haha. Actually I do the same to you hordies whenever I have the chance. Eat it undead rogues, eat it! 😉

    I love that in the second picture you can see someone got the achievement for ‘an honorable kill.’ LOL. I’m not sure how you get to 80 on a PvP server without having AT LEAST one kill.

  15. I’m not HORRIBLE at PvP, I’m just not geared for it and not used to it. If I get really into it, I can have a ton of fun and do BGs with buddies all day. I generally end up at the top of those charts (most hunters, warriors, and DKs do anyway). Arena on the other hand…well, we won’t go there. Let’s just say 2v2 with a Marksman hunter and an Ele shaman isn’t exactly the winning team. 😉

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