Makin’ Progress, Kids


Last night we had exactly 25 people online and headed to Ulduar for the first time in nearly a week. It was a very successful night for <Explicit>. We one-shotted Leviathan, then put in a few attempts on Razorscale, where we beat her just before the Enrage.

Razorscale Down!

After that (victory was sweet, finally I felt good about taking down a new boss – the first time I’ve felt that way since TK!) we turned the corner and worked out our new strategy for XT002 Deconstructor. We wiped a few times but managed to take him down as well.

XT002 DED.

Jailer is somewhere near the butt part, don’t ask me why.

After saying all the good things, let me get to the bad things. I have a suggestion for you – DON’T CHANGE YOUR UI DRASTICALLY RIGHT BEFORE PROGRESSION NIGHT! Yeah, cuz I did that and I was struggling all night trying to see what I usually see and failing miserably. I got used to it toward the end, but at first it was horrible. My new set up, shown below, is meant to keep the eyes toward the bottom of the screen, and I’m used to looking up. Considering the fact that I have a HUGE monitor, this was a big problem. Not to mention I had to minimize my UI scale to the smallest possible setting, making everything really tiny and hard to read. “Oh, okay – I’ll just put on Trueshot Aur……..uhhhhhh where’s that again?” But hey, my new UI looks sexy as hell, so I’ll get used to it if it kills me.



I can’t wait to see new content tonight! Work is going to go very very slowly today.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on April 29, 2009.

10 Responses to “Makin’ Progress, Kids”

  1. your right a new ui does take some time to get used to, those addons are sweet i dont reconize some of them either, ever thought of doing a post on addons or a little side bar on your blog with them like your references,hunter blogs, etc

  2. Grats your progression. I tried changing my ui right before a Naxx run once. I agree that it is not the best idea.

    Your new ui is very nice btw.

  3. Pick up SpartanUI – – and see if you like it. I’m not sure yet. It does look nice, but it’s not really comfortable for me right now.

  4. Gratz! My guild seems to run up against the enrage timer on every Razorscale defeat so far. If you don’t get her down on the second landing, most likely you are going to cut it close.

    We downed Ignis and the Iron Council last night and yeah, gave me that warm, satisfied feeling inside.

    Keep on keepin on!

  5. Ha yea i hate those slow work days.

  6. Congrats on your Ulduar progression! Not too shabby for a week off of raiding. 🙂

  7. Thanks all! Hoping for some more progression tonight!!

  8. Oh spartan ui is spiffy. I used it for a bit but took it off because it just didn’t work well with my monitor at the time. I recently got a new widescreen one and didn’t even think about giving it a try again. I picked up this one, I’m such an UI junkie I might go and try spartan again to compare.

  9. Catching up on your blog – looking for a Screenshot of your face for a secret army sig project…

    All I have to say is…SpartanUI? Really? After alllll the shit you gave me?! 😉 (I know you have jokez. I have jokez, too)

  10. LOL Yup, I was like, ya know what…I’ll give it a try.


    I’m back to normal UI now. ❤

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