Farewell, My Troll

A dude and his Meatball.A few of you have been here, reading my blog since it began back in…hell, I don’t keep track of those things. But some of you have been reading for a very long time. One of these people, one of my long-time readers, is calling it quits in WoW. But he’s not just anyone, no.

He was my very first Blog Troll.

Yes, he was the first person to say, “AHMG, U R SO RONG DUDE, LET ME SHARE MAI INFINITE NOLLEDGE W/U KAY?!” Then he repeatedly came back and continued to argue with me. It started out with him sounding, quite frankly, like a rude know-it-all fancy-pants.

Now you’re thinking, “Nass, why would you have a tribute page to a Blog Troll??”

Well, he may have been a rude know-it-all snark-bag at first, but do you know what happened? He continued to talk with me. He showed respect after I asked him for it. He debated in a calm, rational manner. He corrected his own mistakes and admitted his wrongs. Eventually, he lost that snide attitude and we were able to have some pretty good, pretty fun conversations about this game. Now, what other Troll do you know who has done what this Troll has?

Eventually, this guy decided he actually quite liked me for reasons I still can’t fathom. He began trolling for dates instead of proving his own superiority. Here are some highlights:

“So Nassira, how about we meet for a glass of wine and chit chat more on theorycrafting?” 

“…but I wouldn’t talk about half empty dailies with you. In fact I’d probably hate myself for having a glass of wine with a pretty girl and talking about wow. How do you like Asian guys?” 

“And stop trying to play yourself down. You’re hot sh*t. You are the cat’s Meow. Stop acting like you’re not.” 

“It’s about time you move closer to me. I’ll bring some moving boxes and box tape.” 

“So, Nass, how about dinner sometime?” 

“Hmmm, maybe I should partner with you and just be a contributor, instead of having a separate blog…what do you think? Let’s meet for dinner to discuss.” 

“How about I not be clever. How about I just be a man. And you be a woman, and stop resisting your love for me.” 

“Nass, marry me! I mean it. Yes, that was random. I know.” 

“See I told you you’re attractive. I’m not so certain about the ‘classy’ part but…”

So how on earth does someone go from possible buttmunch to decently cool, fun dude? Someone able to give sound advice and not be a total knob about it? How do you get someone to listen to you when you may have been a jerk previously?


That’s all it comes down to.

The moment this troll started to respect me was the moment he became more than just a troll. He became a valued reader, an intelligent tutor, and a humble learner. All just by showing a little respect. All just by apologizing for sounding like a turd and saying he understands where I’m coming from, and that he respects it. Didn’t have to agree, didn’t have to suck up (even if he did), didn’t have to act as though his knowledge was second-rate; all he had to do was RESPECT someone and show it. If only every troll came to the same conclusions.

Some of you might say, “How is harassing you showing respect”? Now come on, folks. Since when is a little banter considered harassment? The majority of his posts were game-related tips or comments. If he wants to throw in a “How do you like red wine?” every now and again, I’ll get a good laugh. That’s another must-have – let’s all have a sense of humor, eh? Makes the world a better place to live in.

For these things and more, I salute you, Perzyx. You’ve become a friend, and I will miss you. I wish you all the best in your real life endeavors!

Much <3,



~ by Kelly Jennelle on May 6, 2009.

31 Responses to “Farewell, My Troll”

  1. Haha aww,,
    Diaries Of a Hot Marksman Hunter?
    haha ❤

  2. Don’t ask…

    He still doesn’t know what I really look like. Or so I like to tell myself…

  3. Haha, are you suuuuuuure?
    He DID search you up on google… 😛

  4. Now that you mention it, my guildie did find a site with me on it by searching with Google, but I’m not telling you what to search for! lol

  5. I know and im not asking you to.
    Just saying that theres a possibility that he did.
    H.H.HAMSTAH =3

  6. <.< >.>


  7. Whaaat ?? 😛 T.T
    Dont you like hamstahs?

  8. As the only person here (besides nass) who has seen her in rl I don’t get what the big deal is.. well besides the emotional scarring seeing her left me with…

  9. Kinda like the scarring your mom gave me last night…

  10. Sorry about that.. I told her to cut her toe nails before she started kicking you but she never listens..

  11. /SCARED

  12. Don’t be skurred little hampy…it’s all in the hips.

  13. You see, how many months did I have to keep reminding you that you are a hot piece of Wow-playing, hunter-blogging, poetry making, red headed babe that you finally believe that I’m not just making it up?

    Anyhow, no, I never said: “AHMG, U R SO RONG DUDE, LET ME SHARE MAI INFINITE NOLLEDGE W/U KAY?!”, I swear I also included a “KKTHX BAI” in there.

    Well, Nass, think it over. Airplane Ticket to LA = Lunch at the Getty, long walks along Zuma Beach, correcting my grammer on my other writing projects, sex on the beach (not my kind of drink but I hear women love it), warm city nights out on the town, and best of all I still have Wow on my computer so you can still raid 😉

    Until then my sweetness.

  14. Ow, my insulin levels.

    Cheers Perzyx, good luck in meat-space!

  15. ROFL

  16. I’ve come to a disturbing conclusion – my blogroll kills WoW bloggers.
    It’s true: first BRK, then Omenscourge, Megan, and I was just about to add Perzyx. I’m a menace D:
    Sorry to see you go, man!

  17. No matter how many times you tell her she’s hotter than a lava wave, she’s not going to believe you.

  18. The fact that I would get up on her should be proof; believe it or not, even though I joke and make a lot of lewd comments, I have a high standard for the lady kinds. And oh yes I would get ALL up on that.


    You guys are too much.

  20. Seriously, you guys keep this up and we’ll never get Nassira’s head inside Uld… She’s enough trouble as is… she makes me cry nearly every night with her cruelty..

  21. Generally only when you deserve it. ^_^

  22. Well, I’m not saying I don’t deserve it… I’m not evening saying I don’t enjoy it (ellipse)(ellipse)(ellipse) I’m just saying you do it…

  23. You and your damned elipses. You sound like mofo William Shatner, dude!

  24. Ellipse has two L’s…I double checked… 🙂

  25. I have renamed yours because you use them so often. They are called “elipses” and only you use them, because they are used inappropriately and therefore are something else entirely. The name is just a little reference to what it once was.

    Suck on that.

  26. I hate you so much if hate was money I could pay off the National Debt this week and have so much money left over I could hire Bill Gates to perform at a child’s birthday party..

  27. So does that mean you don’t wanna go see Star Trek on Friday?

  28. hey hey hey… jsut because I hate you doesn’t mean I don’t want to hangout. Also, I already bought the tickets, so there is that.

  29. Trolls have pet puppies? Who knew?

  30. That pet puppy can bite your head off!

  31. Well, one of them, anyway. =P

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