Guess What I’m Seeing Tonight



Do you know? Can you tell?? Yup. I’m gonna see Star Trek on the IMAX tonight!! I know this is slightly not WoW-related.

Okay, maybe not at all. But it’s fact that many of those inclined to Sci-Fi are also pretty into Fantasy, so I’m sure I have plenty of Trekkie readers out there! And like me, I’m sure you have your Trekkie doubts about this new movie.

But I’ve read some very reassuring things, including Wil Wheaton’s blog in which he states that he absolutely loved it and that it was Trek all the way. I feel that if an old cast member from ST:NG thought it was great, it will be.

Plus, the dude who plays Scotty is totally hot.

I’m sure I’ll be writing my own review after I see it, but for now I’ll just sit here at work on a beautiful sunny Friday and stare at my computer screen until it’s finally time to go.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on May 8, 2009.

12 Responses to “Guess What I’m Seeing Tonight”

  1. Woooo! I’m going tonight as well 😀 My brother woke me up in the middle of the night with a text message to tell me it was amazing, he saw it at midnight 🙂 I wonder if we’re going to the IMAX… that would be awesome!

    Look forward to hearing what you thought of it Nass!

  2. WOOT Trek Sistas!!! ❤

  3. I’m going on Sunday to see it with my mom. 😀 It’s a tradition so its pretty neat that this one will be out on mother’s day weekend. We are both really excited. Can’t wait. Yays!!!

  4. Aw, Mother-Daughter Trek day. Cuuuute! ❤

  5. I too am stuck at work patiently waiting until the end of the day, sadly I am not going to see it at IMAX but I am definitly going tonight. lol

  6. IMAX all the way… I’m very excited as well.

  7. I’ll be seeing it this afternoon, then taking my Mom to see it on Sunday. She is the one responsible for my love of sci-fi. She’s dying to see this new Trek, so what better Mother’s/Birthday gift to give her than going to see the movie.

  8. I’m probably far from a Trekkie but I plan on seeing the movie this weekend too – it looks really good. This movie may breed a whole new generation of Trekkies.

  9. I wouldn’t say totally hot, but that dude who plays Scotty is cool. Hope the IMAX was awesome! I’m going to regular viewing tonght. Totally psyched!

  10. ZOMG We should totally do a podcast featurette of the movie! =P


  11. Everyone needs to go watch The Onion’s bit on the movie.. Its called something like “Trekkies decry new movie as ‘enjoyable'”.

  12. Yeah,OK i just wanted an excuse to share that.

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