Star Trek – Definitely Enjoyable

So I saw Star Trek.

I won’t hype it up like a few people have done. But I will say that it was certainly Trek, in case you were doubting. Sure, the plot didn’t have any real substance, but who can forget this one?

Punch him in the face!!

What are we really comparing it to?

Remember the action, the romance, the friendship and the fist fights?

Well it’s all in this movie. 100% Star Trek delivered in modern CG.

The actors are young, yes. They’re very attractive and pleasing to the eye, yes. But for the most part, the writing was so skillfully done that it practically forced the young actors to be who they should be, even if not all the mannerisms were in place. And some of the mannerisms WERE in place, especially in our show-stealer: Bones.

Yep, by far, hands down, the best young actor to capture his character was the man who played McCoy. He was fantastic. His speech, his movements, even his facial expressions…he was certainly the most skilled of all the actors.

Next up was Spock who, despite my misgivings, did a fine job of following Nimoy. I love his young Volcan “angst”, which really isn’t much more than slight irritation. Very well done. I was afraid at first – honestly, who could play Spock as well as Spock? But this actor did a decent job of curtailing his emotions while still showing a more human side, and his development with Kirk was well done.

Chekhov didn’t look at all like Chekhov, but he was adorable.

Sulu…Sulu was decent, but there was one part in which I was like…really? Don’t want to spoil it, but you’ll recognize that moment when you see it.

Uhura was a fine, upstanding, intelligent young lady and I’m so happy. Definitely captured her spirit in a younger form, although I would’ve prefered an actress with a little more meat on her bones, as Uhura was always a curvy woman. This young lady did a great job of portraying the class and eloquence of her character.

Funny story – after looking at the posters/screenshots, I automatically assumed that Scotty was the barrel-chested dark-haired guy. Well no, that was McCoy, and Scotty was played by the dude from Hot Fuzz. He was decent. Not quite Scotty, but not bad, either. He had some humorous moments. But seriously, look at the picture below – can you blame me for thinking McCoy was Scotty??


Anyway, then of course, there’s Kirk.

I have a few things to say about this Kirk. This actor is not a Star Trek fan. He doesn’t really understand what it really is to play James T. I think he tried to be Jim, and the writing screamed KIRK every step of the way, but without that writing he was just some young cocky kid. There were some moments when he was able to put out a few Kirkisms, but for the most part, the writing carried his character. Now little Kirk is a different story. Little Kirk was badass. You’ll see.

There are some WTF moments in the beginning, but you’ll understand later on. I wasn’t a big fan of the portrayal of the Romulans but, after understanding the plot, I was okay with it. I didn’t really see them as Romulans. I put them in a different category in my mind. Just another villian. Nothing to see here. Also, when did Romulans make spiky ships?? Weird.

Despite the little things here and there, the story was Trek, the people were Trek, and the events were Trek. I went to see Star Trek and that’s what I saw.

I’d see it again. And again. And again.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on May 11, 2009.

15 Responses to “Star Trek – Definitely Enjoyable”


    I thought it was great. I always hate time travel, it always fills things full of holes and shaky concepts. I’m not saying this didn’t do any of that, but it filled it with less holes than if they were to try to make an exact basis for the original series. Too much history is already established there, and this was the best way to just tell a story without having everyone judge it for accuracy.

    When I first saw the cast line up, I was pretty skeptical. But I think all of them pulled off their roles and did a pretty fantastic job.

    The whole Spock/Uhura thing though, that was a bit too strange for me… but I can get past that.

    I’m going to see it again tonight, and looking forward to it. It’s great to see a really good movie, they can be so hard to find sometimes!

  2. I also hate time travel. A lot.

  3. Oh, and also – Kirk didn’t get his shirt ripped off him at any point. Sad face.

  4. I agree on the time travel, its generally lazy..

    I really like the Spock/Uhura angle.. It made sense why he didn’t want to play favorites early on… Also, why should Kirk get all the women?

    I think its interesting how everyone compares Kirk and Picard, which I always though was silly. They were never ment to be compared, they are entirely different captains. I always felt Riker was ment to be Kirk-like.. and after watching the movie, Riker was a pussy compared to Kirk.

  5. Also, woot for elemental shaman buff that’s coming (hopefuly).. sorry to interrupt this hunter/star trek forum

  6. First of all, Dav likes time travel, so that was a plus in his book.
    Second of all, COULDN’T AGREE MORE on the whole McCoy thing. He had the whole thing down awesomely perfect. And I really liked the way the Hot Fuzz guy played Scotty. It was awesome.
    Third of all, I think Leonard Nemoy did his best acting ever in this movie, which is saying a lot, since normally I don’t think his acting is very great.
    The movie was sooooo awesome.
    That’s the Dav review.

  7. Nimoy certainly isn’t a great actor, which is why he made such a great Spock, and why all he’ll ever be is Spock. And I ❤ him. Besides, NONE of the original Star Trek actors were “good” in our terms these days. The content just wasn’t all that worthy of intricate expression. And neither was this movie, so it’s all good. =)

  8. And Riker has always been a pussy compared to Kirk. Especially when he didn’t have a moustache. What was he thinking??

  9. Loved it. I must see it again but this time in Imax if i’m lucky enough.

    I was skeptical of the time travel thing. I hate it with a passion. I think its lazy writing. I stopped watching Enterprise because of it. However I think this time around it was done well. It didn’t take away from the story at all and even if that part was left out it still would have been a strong movie.

    My favorite part of the whole thing though was Capt. Pike. I use to watch the orginal when I was little with my grandmother. The Managire (spelling is way off) was always my favorite. When I found out it was supposed to actual be the pilot but was reworked later on it made it all the more special to me for some reason. I think it was freaking awesome they included him in this movie.

  10. I’m a Spock fan personally, but Scotty…was amazing.

  11. I am totally in love with the new Spock. ❤

  12. Sadly, my plan to see Star Trek over the weekend didn’t pan out so I’ll have to comment on what Wildsea posted…

    What? Elemental buffs inc.?! There’s already an awesome Elemental Shammy in the other guild we run our 25 mans with. I base my performance on how I’m doing compared to him. I’ve never bested him. But if I’m close, I know I’m having a good day.

    And to get this back “on topic” (lol), I hate time travel too.

  13. Sorry to distract again… but Elemental has been in an odd spot since 3.1. Many have reported a drop in DPS (as I have.. I went from top 3ish to just above the tanks) others have not (I would guess about 15% haven’t). Most people feel that there is some sort of bug that can’t be found or its jsut the nature of Uld fights. Either way, on average Elemental DPS since 3.1 is the lowest of any classes.

  14. yeah…. I watched it very grudgingly… and I have to say…. I LOVED IT.
    I’m no trekkie at all, always been more of a star wars person myself, but I can’t deny they did it right and if I understand the story line right it means that all the other movies are now part of a future that could have been, so in one fell swoop they have given them selves license to re write star trek, and if this is anything to go by, and thats a good thing to me 🙂

  15. More on the Elemental Shammy…

    Thanks Wildsea, that would explain why he’s been healing the last couple weeks. Here I thought he was just trying to gear up his healing set. And come to think of it, there was a side comment last night in Vent about how his DPS was busted. I thought they were joking since he’s usually at or near the top. I guess they weren’t. 😦

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