Poor Attendance Leads to One More Level

<Explicit> hopped into Ulduar late last night with only 22 people. We were able to take out the Cat Lady, but Hodir just wasn’t happening, so we called it early.

The good news is that I’ve had some time to level my Paladin! She’s now level 61, officially my highest alt ever. I plan to get her to 80 before the next major patch comes out, hopefully before then if I can find the time (and maybe some run-thrus) for Northrend quests.

If your main character is a hunter, I highly recommend Paladin for an alt. The mechanics of a Paladin are very interesting (and fun, imo), and Ret is a lot like being a Marksman hunter by way of rotation similarity. It’s just different enough to be a neat little change, and the fact that you can be all three Raid roles with one character is VERY appealing to me as someone who has always been purely DPS. I intend to tank with my Paladin and have been studying basics and theories over at Elitist Jerks in preparation.

Leveling as Ret has been incredibly fast. This weekend, I went from 51 to 60, and I didn’t play non-stop either. In case you didn’t know, I despise leveling, and so it always goes quite slowly for me. Having the special 10% XP pauldrons helps, I’m sure, and so does having the Heirloom axe.

The interesting thing for me concerning Paladins is their likeness to Hunters by way of spell/physical combination. Nowadays, we Marksman hunters are doing much more spell damage and focusing intently on mana efficiency. Currently, about 62% of my damage is physical and the rest is Nature and Arcane. Ret pallies are similar in that they do constant physical damage but rely on spell damage, or at least mana, for the bigger numbers. Who would’ve known that two classes so seemingly different could be so similar? I always thought Hunters were alone in their strange hybrid nature, but it’s not so. Pallies and Enhancement Shaman are also in a similar category. The difference in hunters, of course, is the fact that we’re a ranged DPS class, and all other ranged DPS classes do purely spell damage, while we do loads of physical damage as well as spell. I believe we are also the only ranged class that can’t use their main damaging attacks at melee range. QQ

And did I mention we have to shell out Gold for our ranged physical damage? =P But to be fair, Pallies have reagents that they constantly have to purchase, and while they may not be quite as expensive, they do have to pay to play. They just don’t have to pay for their main source of damage.

I never thought I would like Paladin gameplay, but I absolutely love it and I’m looking forward to doing endgame groups with it. If you’re looking for something new, I highly recommend Paladin for the avid hunter. Even if you think you may not like it, it’s worth giving it a try.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on May 12, 2009.

22 Responses to “Poor Attendance Leads to One More Level”

  1. You and I are on the exact same page, Nass!

    I’ve been working on my ret paladin alt, and just got him to 56. I never really thought about the similarities, the mix between physical and spell damage, but you are totally right about that.

    I always thought I would hate playing a paladin, I’ve never been good at leveling melee alts, but this is way too much fun. I do feel slightly overpowered… but it’s a good feeling 🙂 I’m just zipping through the levels!

  2. Yeah, it’s incredibly overpowered. lol I’m two-shotting mobs in Outlands. But it’s so fun!! I’m loving it.

  3. Same here! I have a level 51 paladin and I must say it is a nice switch. I was skeptical at first of rolling one but once I tried it I fell in love with the big upfront burst damage and the ability to heal myself.

    Aside from that I really love handing out buffs. I buff almost everyone I pass. It just feels all warm and fuzzy to pull a pack of mobs off a dying player, heal them to full, and buff kings/might/wisdom.

  4. Yeah, it totally makes you feel like a champ to help another player out with a heal while they’re leveling. =D

  5. You guys are hiiiiigh. I found pallys to be one of the most boring classes in wow they are so simple. Ret main Seal till 66 doesn’t make it help that fact at all too, hell untill you get to 50 your just auto attacking >.<

  6. Nothing is as simple as it seems…at the top of the game, everything is complicated. ^_^ Just check out that theorycraft page on EJ. It’s several pages long and counting.

  7. Theorycrafting doesn’t make all my ret pallys wana stay ret X.X EVERY pally i know specs out of ret as soon as they can >.<

  8. Yeah pallys and hunters are a fun combo to level as. Have you ever tried leveling as a prot pally? It’s my main but my hunter is quickly working his way up the chain. Prot pallys have a way of living that is somewhat of a cockroach. No matter how hard you hit them they keep on trucking. Try leveling as prot because you won’t die and it’s quite funny to make other classes mad as they try to kill you.=D, have fun leveling.

    Tortor- Hunter of Hakkar (horde)
    Jedas- Pally of Perenolde (alliance)

  9. @Fennec – Uhm, when did you last level paladin? The exorcism change, making it usable on all mobs, is wonderful… the amount of difference just one extra “push to do damage” button makes is insane. Mobs die fast enough that it’s sort of Exorcism -> Judgement -> 2 Auto Attacks = XP! 😀

    Having leveled to 27 before this (and in the 30 second seal days) and now having a new Paladin at 30, it’s actually a lot of fun starting level 20, just due to that one little change.

  10. My Hunter is my main and a pally is my alt. I agree that it’s a refreshing switch-up. I personally am levelin’ Prot.

  11. ive tried Pallys, heck all the other classes, and only ones i love are Hunters and Locks, went back to level my old tier 4 raiding lock through Northrend and was having a blast leveling in Affliction. id throw on half my dots and whatever im attacking is already nearly dead, then lifetap, and Haunt heals me back to full, only time ive yet come close to dieing is when a 71 elite aggrod while i was fighting 4 mobs, still killed it with 20% life left.

    k enough of my tangent, maybe ill give it another go if i grab the heirloom gear, tried that for my mage, priest and shammy and still was bored to tears. i dont mind leveling hunters, ive done it twice already, horde and ally, seperate servers.

  12. My alt is a level 80 Shaman that I actually started before my current “main”, the Hunter. Shaman were a bit of a mess for quite a while and while I made it to 70 with him I really missed my Hunter so I made my current guy, leveled him to 80, did Heroics and went after some achievements and the whole to-do (and he’s still the only character I have any raid experience with).
    But I went back to my Shaman, respecced from Resto to Elemental, hit Northrend and tore things up. The class had been rejuvenated and it was fantastic. So now he’s 80, dual specced with Resto and Elemental and the diversity is tremendous. Healing is a wonderful alternative to DPS, I get to see the instances rather than my button bars and I love the change of responsibility. I’m not managing aggro, I’m not worrying about my pet (where is he now?!), I just have to keep people on their feet. It’s great.

    I also don’t have to be a Blood Elf :p Shaman are proper Hordies 😉

  13. Pft, ur face is hordie.


  14. Since we’re talking fun… try Resto Shaman… wait for it… on a PVP server. LOL! I love being ganked (not), I mean, sure I can heal myself, but damage is just a notch above nil. Takes forever to take down a mob, enemies always gank you, allies (horde friends not alliance players) always want to dual you. I like healing though, so I’ve adamantly stuck with Resto since my very first talent point at level 10. I did dabble in the art of enhancement for about two weeks and I could put out dastardly damage even with my heal gear (which is all I have), plus the Spirit Wolves are awesome and very hunter-esque, but in the end I went back to Resto. Anyway, my shaman is my next highest character after my hunter. He’s level 68 on Aegwynn (PVP). You actually do all right until around level 40, when you really start noticing how long it’s taking to down mobs. The other problem with him being on a different server than my hunter though is no BoA gear or extra gold from my main to help out.

  15. Yeah, I have a shaman but I just couldn’t get into it for some reason.

    Nass actually grew up on a PvP server – Skullcrusher. I transferred when I found Explicit. ❤ Haven’t looked back since.

  16. I did level the shaman as resto for a while but in Enhancement gear, which actually worked really well.

  17. My main was a pally before I rolled my hunter, but thanks Nass…Now I miss my pally “Thudsalot”:(… feel I’ve neglected him *cry*

  18. Shaman started to turn around when the Spell Power merger, which is when I started dabbling with my Shaman again. I was able to make the transition to Elemental since the gear all worked out to be about the same. Now it’s different again of course, but the class has been so streamlined it’s a joy to play.
    Loot itemisation is terrible, as for Elemental and to a degree Resto our best pieces are leather and cloth, not mail. Enhance and Hunters have to share, too, since stats are pretty much identical on mail. So the spec with the best mail items are in direct competition for loot with one of the most common classes.

    My Hunter is still my main in regards to pugging and doing achievements, but I hope to get the Shaman to pug-worthiness with at least Resto gear. Trying to do both specs is a nightmare as I’d pretty much have to live in Heroics 24/7 to get enough doodads to trade in for good thingers for both specs.

  19. Regardless, good luck on your thingers. =P

    Perhaps I’ll mess with my shammy again and see what it’s like now. =)

  20. Hah… he said, “…enough doodads to trade in for good thingers…” I always enjoy a good laugh at work!

  21. So weird how many hunters I’ve run into with pally alts, I’m one of them myself and lo-and-behold, mine is a tank/healer. One nice thing I found is that since Pallies have nice synergy with Blacksmithing/Mining or JC/Mining I can go out questing (Read: Argent Tourney) with my paladin and mine all the saronite/cobalt I see on the way. Smelt it to bars and throw it (along with a nicely worded letter) to my guild’s engineer and my hunter ends up with arrows/bullets in the mail.

  22. Haha, funny I would stumble this right after I decide to start an alt pally. Looks like I’ll have fun with him hopefully.

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