Obvious Things You Shouldn’t Do While Applying to a New Guild

With our poor attendance recently and a few folks logged off almost permanently for quite some time, we’ve been taking in new applications for many raiding roles. Reading these apps has been funny, but mostly frustrating. All we want is a decent player willing to commit to our schedule who doesn’t sound like a complete dolt. Why does it seem so hard to find those folks? The following are 10 things I find to be pretty obvious when it comes to getting a guild invite.

1. Don’t apply if you can’t make the minimum percentage requested for the raid schedule.

You’d be surprised how many people apply for a raiding position when they know they can only be there one night out of four. If the guild policy states that they require at least 75% attendance, you’re looking in the wrong place. It’s obviously not going to work out for the guild, and chances are it won’t work out for you, since they’ll have a “replacement” for you who’s there more than you are, and probably deserves a permanent spot. Just look for a guild whose schedule you can maintain.

2. Don’t apply if you’re not going to be a team player.

Don’t write an application stating, “I do my own thing.” You’re applying to be a PART OF A GROUP. Harass me for the comparison if you want, but a raiding guild is like a sports team or a musical group. You work as a team, you’re expected to be one part of something bigger, and you’d better embrace it or you won’t get far.

3. Don’t apply by stating that you’re a good leader.

Unless the guild specifically requests leaders, stating you’re a good leader is a good way to get yourself ignored. First, it looks like you’re vying for a leadership position right away, which is too ambitious. Secondly, what makes a good leader in one guild may not make a good leader in another. Applying to a new guild is like applying to college – once you get in, you automatically become a Freshman again, no matter where you were before. The guild leader will decide after playing with you on whether or not you’d make a good leader within the guild.

4. Don’t check NO in the box which asks if you’ve read our guild page and know what we’re about – just open a new window, read it, and check YES.

Seriously – it shows firstly that you’re lazy, secondly that you don’t really care to know more about the guild you’re applying to, and thirdly that you may not be reading everything thoroughly, which shows poor potential for raid strategies. If you don’t bother to learn what we’re about, we won’t bother to respond to your application.

5. Don’t apply to a guild unless you’re certain it’s the guild you’re thinking of.

We get so many applications for <Explicit> with the strangest references. They name people we’ve never heard of before, saying they’re long-time buddies or that they were speaking with them about the guild during a heroic. Make sure that the guild site you’re on is the one you were thinking of by *cough* READING THE ABOUT PAGE, and possibly armory-ing a few players to make certain. Sorry, no Alliance allowed in this <Explicit>, even if you think you’re special. At least check to see if the guild is your own faction before filling out an application.

6. Don’t apply if you know that within the next few weeks, you’ll be almost completely unavailable due to RL obligations.

“Hey guys, I’m here for three weeks and then I’m off to Mexico for a month, see you then!”

I hope you get Swine Flu, jerkface.

7. Don’t use abbreviated terms for words that are already short.

This also shows that you’re lazy, and oftentimes alludes to lack of intelligence or thoughtfulness. “U”, “ur”, “k”, “m8”, “rite” – these kinds of things are always laughed at on an app, and in a bad way. It’s usually a chuckle from the readers and then a “No thanks”. Putting thought and effort into your application is the NUMBER ONE THING you should be focusing on, and using abbreviations that make you sound like a child writing texts on a cell phone won’t get you invited.

8. Don’t write as though you feel you were entitled to certain things in your previous guild.

This is one of those things which is pretty obvious to me but may not be to some people. When we ask you why you left your previous guild, saying things like, “They never gave me the loot even though I was top DPS” or “They never invited me even though I’m a good player” or “I should’ve been made class leader but wasn’t” isn’t going to get you an invite. It just makes you sound as though you have high expectations and will leave when you don’t get your way. Even if the truth is that the loot was distributed unfairly, putting it in the wrong light can make you seem snotty and selfish.

9. Don’t play up your gender.

So you’re cute, single, fun and leik, teh only gurl playing WoW, rite? Wrong. Making your app out to sound more like a dating site is going to get you laughed at by the other females in the guild, and probably disrespected by many of the males in the guild. If we ask for gender, state your gender, not the fact that you like long walks on the beach at sunset. We just want to know if you can play the game well and if you’ll get along well with the rest of us.

10. Don’t leave yourself unavailable shortly after applying.

This is the BIGGEST mistake people make when applying for a new guild. They leave their email untouched for days, don’t log on, or are otherwise not around when we attempt to contact them. You could have the best app in the world, but it won’t matter if we can’t reach you. Check your email religiously, come back to the guild forums a few times, and log into the game with the character you applied with as often as possible for a week. Much longer than that and you may not be contacted at all, but making yourself easily available is a huge part of applying to a guild. We can’t invite you if we can’t find you.

Summary: When applying to a guild, use common sense. And if you can follow these guidelines, why not apply to <Explicit>? Good luck!

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on May 14, 2009.

29 Responses to “Obvious Things You Shouldn’t Do While Applying to a New Guild”

  1. You forgot don’t use the words “loot whore” unless there is a “not” really near by… My head still hurts from that..

  2. Mother of God I know, that was awful. Really? REALLY??

    “Hi, I’m a loot whore and I do what I want, can I be in your guild?”

  3. Because you don’t accept blueberries and because you probably raid while I’m at work, that’s why not. T_T

  4. Hehe Don’t you have a Belf lying around somewhere?

  5. A level 58 DK that I use to harass Jezriyah/jump around and watch her ears go flop. 😛

  6. See, perfect! =P

  7. Oh man, we just had an influx of apps and I can certainly add to the list… for example:

    When asked to tell us a little bit about yourself, don’t say “N/A”.

    When asked to describe your talent, gemming and enchanting choices, don’t just say “I know my class.”

    And generally, the more effort you put into your responses, the more effort we will take to consider you! One word answers are going to get a one word response: “Pass.”

  8. Answering “n/a” is a classic.. What does that say about you as a person if N/A is the best you can do?? nothing good..

  9. Nass… the player said going to Mexico not going to Borean Tundra… oh, wait… yeah, you’re screwed going to either place. 😉

  10. “I hope you get Swine Flu, jerkface.” LMFAO HAHAHAHAHA!

  11. @Brajana – OMG. N/A? Really? Wow. lol

    @Torgall – Oh yeah, I forgot about that…either way, my chances of getting my wish are high. lol

    @Davlin – 😉 I just really hate it when people randomly disappear as though they haven’t made a committment.

  12. Wow, someone is starting to sound like me. Perhaps you (Nass) got to the point that you are sick of all the immature brats that play the game and just felt like saying how it is, uncensored. Except I got Nass-ridiculed for that 😦 Well, that and poor grammar.

  13. As someone who is helping start a new guild… I wanted to pound my head on my desk all over again when I read these. I think 80% of our apps have fallen into one of these categories.

    Thank god we found enough good recruits to field a 10 man team… I have the utmost respect for anyone who recruits for a 25 man guild.

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  15. Your kidding about ppl applying to the guild and they are from the wrong faction. That’s funny Nass can i join ur guild but only 1 problem im on the alliance ;P. Hey you never know if Blizzard would allow faction change and defect to the other side.

    I just recently had a falling out with my guild and now looking for a guild to call home. >.< its like applying for a new job o.O sigh

    Good luck in recruiting

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  17. Although we’re not a “raiding” guild, we still have applications. (Screening can be good for the soul) I review apps and sometimes I can’t believe what I am reading.

    Yeah, when there’s an app no one knows what to do with, they wait for me to handle the “sorry, I don’t think we’re a good match, good luck!”

    Oh! And one thing that I find annoying is when answering how they heard about us. “My friend/brother/mother is in your guild”

    And their toon name is….?

  18. Haha No joke. We’ve had at least three allies apply.

  19. Had to share this with my guild!

  20. And open a new thread. Seriously. I had at least 3 guys, who did not even care to open a new thread in the forum. They just replied to the last thread. It just shows that a, you did not read the rules at the top and b, you just dont effin care

  21. Yes, I’m absolutely amazed that people will take the time to search forums, visit the site, and fill out an application, but then they do a half-assed attempt. Why waste your time? Why not just spam Trade – LF Cool Guild ‘n stuff.

  22. Heh… we get applications for a guild of the same name on an Oceanic server off and on. That other guild is way more hardcore than us, too. Either they don’t have a website or it’s not publicly accessible, though, so we keep getting applicants for them.

  23. Hi, very nice post. We’re going through mostly the same thing in our guild too.

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  25. Great, great post. We’re going through the same thing. We’ve made our questionnaire intentionally long and complicated to filter out the idiots who can’t read or type. Even then, a few get through. We just had one who was so insulting and confrontational that we had to perma-ban him from our site. He’s an appplicant! And he got banned! For being a douchebag! Why even bother applying if you’re going to a dick to the guild you’re applying to?!

  26. Hahaha I feel you, Garreth. We had a similar incident just a little while back with a guy who was just way too aggressive, even in text. Ugh…

  27. Doing the Recruitment Dance myself right now and I’ve had some stunners.

    I’d like to add that answering *any* question on the application with “I have no idea what this means” is a sure fire way to get rejected.

    And applying to our guild in the morning and by the time I get on in the evening you’re already ina new guild gives me that happy “dodged a bullet” feeling. Thank you for saving me the trouble of rejecting you.

    I also second the thought about what in the heck is with people who apply and disappear of the face of the earth for a week?

  28. How does knowing someones gender help you establish if a person can “play the game well and if you’ll get along well with the rest of us.”

    Surely Gender is an irrelevant question…

  29. I believe we only ask Gender so we know how to refer to the applicant, i.e. He or She. Other than that, you’re right, it’s not that big of a deal, but it does help us not to make assumptions and offend anyone.

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