Remember how I said I was doing some really funky things?

I think I like them. o.O

Here’s my current spec. My glyphs are Aimed Shot, Kill Shot, and Hunter’s Mark. Weird. I like the Kill Shot glyph and certainly think it’s worth it, especially on bosses with multiple adds, like Auriaya (the Cat Lady). I might take Glyph of Chimera Shot over Glyph of Aimed Shot, but I’m afraid it might make my rotation somewhat choppy. We shall see. With Glyph of Hunter’s Mark, my single target DPS increases considerably, since I have both Improved Hunter’s Mark and the glyph, giving me over 100 extra attack power on my target added to the usual Hunter’s Mark bonus. The question now is whether it can out-DPS the benefits of the bonus Chimera damage from the 6-second-extended Serpent Sting glyph. Doubtful, but I’d like to run the math regardless.

My DPS actually did increase overall during Ulduar last night. I continue to use my Wolf, Ceallach (Ceallach means “little Kelly” or “little warrior”, and since my name is Kelly, it’s like naming him MiniMe) and I’m definitely benefitting from the Attack Power boost. I attribute most of the improvement to simply being on my A-game last night and being officially acclimated to the earlier Ulduar fights, but you never know. We’ll see how tonight goes.

Since I’m still messing with things and getting a feel for them, I certainly wouldn’t recommend that anyone simply copy the above spec and glyphs – like I said, I’m messing around. But it’s interesting to try something different and see the results and minute changes in play. Let’s see how tonight’s Hodir attempts go. Also a great situation for the Glyph of Kill Shot. We totally got him to like 10% last night before he enraged, and we’ll definitely get him down tonight.

❤ Nass

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~ by Kelly Jennelle on May 18, 2009.

9 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-chaaanges!”

  1. Well, I clicked your ad.. I feel so dirty.

  2. I wonder… how mana efficient is that build? It looks nice in terms of usefulness, but on fights that last just a little bit too long, don’t you run OOM? I think I’m too used to seeing Efficiency at 5/5 in a MM tree (But then again, I’m not a hunter) o.O

    Oh, and “booh” for US only promos 😥

  3. Efficiency is actually skipped over in 25-man raiding specs, as mana is generally not an issue. I very rarely run out of mana during any fight in Ulduar unless one of our Replenishment classes is put out of commission. I also avoided Rapid Recoup for the same reason, and I didn’t notice an issue in my mana at all last night, even during the longer attempts.

    If you’re in 10-man or heroics, I wouldn’t recommend hardly anything about that build I’ve linked. I’d spec in an entirely different way.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Wouldn’t there be a higher increase in damage rates from improved Steady than Improved HM?

    I’m thinking on my glyphs since they allow a big boost to aimed shot from aimed and TSA glyphs, maybe aimed would be a really good shot again, or maybe the combination of Serpent glyph and chimera to, but still i don’t like the Chim glyph, because it’s so easy to miss a second between the global cooldowns

    • Depends on your rotation – I think if you are getting three full Steady Shots before each Chimera, it will most likely be a large damage boost. If your haste is high and/or you have Glyph of Chimera, you won’t be using as many Steadies, and the value of Glyph of Steady Shot goes down. I have yet to run the math on how 60 AP would affect an entire battle, because – well – it’s a HUGE undertaking and I hardly know where to begin. But I’m trying to get as much info as possible and am hopefully going to start soon.

  5. Hi Nass, first post for me here. I’ve been a MM hunter since I started playing years ago, and so far i’ve been doing ok since wrath came out. I’ve cleared most of the heroics/raids with my guild recently and i’m 2 Heroics away from the Frozen Wastes title, (no one seems to want to run H Gundrak on my server) but lately, i’ve been completely outclassed by my other guildie hunters who spec Survival, (and they don’t necessarily have better gear on) yet I’ve barely been able to churn out more than 3000DPS on H naxx, so i’m wondering what kind of DPS you’ve been able to manage in Ulduar?

    I’ve read a lot of your recent articles *they helped a lot* and i’m specced almost exactly the same way you are, give or take a point here and there.

    Thanks for all the advice regardless, and many thanks for making this hunter feel a little less outcast running around with a MM spec. Cheers.

  6. Hi Aeryn,

    Unless you are in Knights of the Alliance, I wasn’t able to find your character on the Armory. Why don’t you shoot me an email and we can go from there? Tell me what kind of rotation you’re using, all your buffs and pots, your mana efficiency, what kind of instances you’re running, and what your latency is like. Any other info you want to share, such as common issues you have or talents you’re wary of will help, too. Thanks,

    ❤ Nass

  7. I found your blog in my search for Marks info when I respecced Matojo of Thorium Brotherhood a few days ago – THANK YOU. So very useful, so I’ve added you to my feed. Keep up the great work, your posts are very helpful.

  8. =) Thank you for the kind comment!

    ❤ Nass

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