Top 5 Reasons Why Engineering Is Awesome

Today I’m going to show my love for the Engineering profession. I’ve been an engineer for quite a while now, and I’ve always found it to be a unique aspect of the game. Not only is it, for lack of a better term, totally cool, but it can be very useful in plenty of common situations. Below are the top five reasons why I think Engineering is great.

1. You actually get to use the things you build.

Most professions create imaginary things, and by that I mean “objects” that you never actually see in the game, have no special animations, or just sit on someone’s body as an adornment. Engineering not only allows you to see the things you build, but also to interact with them on several different levels. With Engineering, you make things explode, sparkle, steam, speed, flash, and otherwise move. When was the last time you saw a Dawnstone or a pair of bracers or a wedding dress do any of that? Sure, some professions here and there have neat little visual effects as a constant, like special Enchants, but Rocket Boots? I mean, seriously. In the game, I’ve literally STRAPPED ROCKETS to my feet and CAN USE THEM. I can build my own flying mount, my own land mount, and my own mini-pets. My clothes can do special things, I get to wear dorky-looking goggles, and I can spell out “DO A BARREL ROLL” in smoke as people fly by.

2. It can give great benefits to leveling a character.

Dynamite, shrink rays, teleporters, and parachutes – what more could you need to make leveling more comfortable? Suddenly find yourself feeling too high up from a cliff you just jumped from to avoid a mob? No problem – open your parachute! Accidently pulled 5 mobs on your way to the quest giver? No problem, just hit your rocket boots and head toward town! Haven’t gotten new gear in a while and need some extra damage in a dungeon? No problem – you’ve got explosives! Need to make some extra gold? Strap on your goggles and suck free Eternals right out of thin air! Need to get somewhere fast? No problem; make your own teleporter! Want to sneak up on an unsuspecting member of the opposing faction before he finds you first? Whip out your Invisibility trinket and gank him! Engineering has some of the most leveling-friendly abilities in the game.

3. It has incredible diversity.

No other profession in the game offers so much of a variety. Generally, professions focus around one general idea and don’t branch from it. Either you make gear or weapons to use, enchant extra stats, or make an occasional vanity item. With Engineering, you actually get to DO things, fun things, unique things that no other part of the game offers. The things Engineering can do span across a vast realm of useage. Engineering has all the odds and ends, thingies and doohickies of the Warcraft world.

4. You have the ability to help your guild tremendously.

Not only can you now disassemble trash and bosses during raids for very pricey items, but you can bring out a mailbox when someone forgets their flasks or place a repair bot for mid-raid repairs and materials. You can even save yourselves the hassle of running back after a wipe by saving yourself and shocking a rezzer back to life. You can stun certain mobs or even take control of them. It’s almost as if Engineering gives you extra talents stolen from different classes, and it’s especially helpful for hunters and rogues. You can also make a decent amount of money selling ammunition, epic weapons, and other end-game items.

5. Two words : Battle Chicken

There are so many incredibly STUPID things from Engineering that are 100% fun fun fun! Totally random, totally out there, and totally worth the cheap mats it takes to put it together. No other profession offers so much ridiculousness, and sometimes it feels like you’re playing a totally different game. I don’t know about you readers, but I love ridiculousness.

On a final note, Engineering may not have the best end-game enchants or gear, it may not fill your bank account with thousands of gold, but it has a billion little in-game uses, some of which you won’t get anywhere else. It’s useful, it’s fun, and it’s so worth it. Here’s to Engineers everwhere! /cheer!

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on May 1, 2009.

17 Responses to “Top 5 Reasons Why Engineering Is Awesome”

  1. *grabs a chair and popcorn, waiting for Rilgon to respond*

  2. you might have just convinced me to go engineering, ive always felt guilty when i fiegn death when we wipe and im just like….”umm ya ill just wait”
    never thought engineering had anyhting that wasnt sketchy to use that had like a chance to kill you but maybe ill try that now

  3. Alright so now that I’ve actually had time to read through the article (had to run to a meeting!), I totally agree!

    When I first started playing the game I went Engineering. Why? Because I saw someone running around with a Mechanical Squirrel! That is SOOO cool! I still have a screenshot of my very first character (gnome rogue) dancing in Ironforge with her newly crafted Mechanical Squirrel and Tigerseye Googles.

    I think Engineering is a great support profession. Yeah, it’s not the best for end-game maximization or making gold, but it’s FUN, helpful and interesting!

  4. Using your parachute enchant to sneak into the Wintergrasp fortress and gank the h3ll out of the enemy= WIN.
    Using your haste enchant to make a nice KC+MiniHeroism Combo every Minute= WIN
    Rezzing the “i lose at frogger” guy every time you go into Naxx= WIN
    And last but not least, making your OWN ammo for raids or sell them for tons of gold= WIN

  5. LOL I kno rite?! I think it’s safe to say Engineering = Win.

    If you’re a min-maxer, obviously don’t bother, and take Enchanting and Jewelcrafting like every other schlub. If you wanna have a rockin’ good time, Engineering all the way, baby!

  6. Hear Hear! Engineering rocks! I switched to it a few months ago and have never looked back.

  7. Only thing i will QQ about Engineering is that bombs dont work on bosses 😦
    As for not making gold? well tell that to my maxed bag space from selling all thos guns 1st month of Wrath ^.^

  8. I can build my own […] land mount

    No, I can’t, actually, due to the ridiculously exorbitant price tag put on it by Blizzard. Unfortunately, I chose to actually empower my raid performance – something tangible, visible, and very meaningful to me and something I’m judged on regularly – at the cost of this mount. So using the motorcycle as a argument FOR engineering is an absolute crock. It’s more of an argument for being a Jewelcrafter to make the 14k that it requires to build one.

    Accidently pulled 5 mobs on your way to the quest giver? No problem, just hit your rocket boots and head toward town!

    And risk the 10% chance of them backfiring, sending you high enough in the air to take lethal falling damage and accomplish basically nothing. Awesome!

    you can bring out a mailbox when someone forgets their flasks or place a repair bot for mid-raid repairs and materials

    I have never once been asked for a mailbox while raiding. And I never have the opportunity to drop repair bots either – the same Jewelcrafters who are riding the motorcycle that SHOULD be mine also have a mount that does what my repair bots do and THEN some. Plus summoning it costs them nothing.

    You can stun certain mobs or even take control of them.

    None of these work in a raid environment, making them worthless.

    You can also make a decent amount of money selling ammunition, epic weapons, and other end-game items.

    The mats to make ammo, Nes4Ks, and scopes sell for more than the completed objects do. To make these and sell them is a net loss for me.

    So no, I fail to see where all this “fun”, “awesomeness”, and “uniqueness” is. All I see is a profession that is a net 40 DPS loss to me, with nothing to show for it. It was fun and powerful in vanilla and BC. It’s all but worthless in Wrath, and if I wasn’t 5 schematics away from having every schematic in the game, I’d drop it like the worthless pile it is.

  9. Have you been to Ulduar? No? Then don’t say “none of them work in a raid environment”…been there, done that.

    Rilgon – if you do not like something, do not do it.

    Either you can have a sense of entitlement, or you can be accepting and enjoy it for what it is.

    I enjoy it for what it is. No one can disagree with that, but you certainly can fail to see why I find it attractive, just like you can fail to love things for the way they exist already, and the traits you appreciate and admire.

  10. Explosive Sheep. Box Of Bombs. It doesn’t get better than that, really. I’m not an Engineer but I wish I was, it’s such a neat profession.
    Indeed it’s not a min-max profession, so if one is bothered by losing 40 DPS then it’s probably not the profession for you, but for stupid fun (and really, this game is stupid fun), Engineering has some great stuff.

    The only reason I didn’t go with Engineering on my Hunter was that I couldn’t stand the thought of another Mining character. Now, I wish I had gone with Engineering as professions in general are pretty bland so you may as well have one that is fun, even if it’s not optimal.

  11. No, you see, my hostility spawns from having been an Engineer since vanilla WoW. If I didn’t have such high expectations from Engineering being a good profession for two entire expansion packs, I probably wouldn’t care and probably would have the same starry-eyed “oooh, bombs and rockets~” attitude that a lot of people have nowadays.

    But I know of a time when a trinket I made was the difference between life and death on Vaelastrasz the Corrupt (thought at the time to be one of the hardest raid bosses in history). I know of a time where my trinkets still worked on bosses, and would Gnomish Shrink Ray Nefarian when he did the Warrior class call to ease the burden. I remember, just for giggles, running in and mind-controlling tanks that were tanking the Emerald Nightmare dragons, letting the dragon wipe the raid, and my guild claiming it for their own.

    I remember a time when Engineering was worth having, and my hostility is more of a longing for those times to return.

  12. Well that makes more sense than bemoaning a 40 DPS “loss”; those are valid complaints with substance and rationale.

    It’s a bit sad that player ingenuity and invention gets nerfed these days. It’s not just Engineering, but things like Voidwalker’s tanking raid bosses or other such things get the swift nerfbat. Players playing and thinking “outside the box” do tend to attract the ire of Blizzard which is sad. Using profession recipes to be advantageous and to gain benefit where not all have access to that seems to have been frowned upon as it doesn’t fit the Great Homogenization.

  13. Personally, Engineering is fun.

    I like having it for the convenience of having a parachute, or those aforementioned boots(Which, by the way, will not kill you. When they malfunction for me, they always let out a parachute so you don’t die), and the Roflcopter is cool beans too.

    Although I wish it was more POWERFUL, its still very convenient.

    Shrink ray makes me oh so very happy.
    Seriously! Have you seen Keristraza all tiny? It rocks!
    Or King Dred? That roar debuff he puts on you that shrinks you and lowers your attack power is the exact same debuff as the shrink ray, so in all fairness, you were doing that whole thing back before King Dred, he drools, you rule!

    I also am in love with my parachute cloak, helicopter, and net gun. Parachute because I always seem to be falling….hmm…
    Helicopter cuz…its a copter…
    and Net gun because I totally feel like Boba Fett or somebody when I’m using it!

  15. I’m sure mages and priests have been doing this for a long time, but recently, when I’ve been bored, I’ve found a fun little thing to do if you are an engineer… “absailing.”

    Start at, say, the top of the Ulduar building, and work your way down from there to the bottom of the cliff in front of Ulduar using only your Parachute cloak (and rocket boots, but I didn’t have Nitro Boosts on the boots I was using to do this). The goal is to take as little fall damage (and deaths :P) as possible.

    It’s completely ridiculous, achieves nothing, but in my opinion, it’s silly good fun. That I can do silly things like that is what makes engineering great.

    Personally, I’ll take being able to do daft things like that over 40DPS, especially since these days, 40DPS does not – and should not! – be the difference between life and death on a boss fight.

  16. As so many have already said: Lotsa luv for the engineering…
    Had engineering from the get go and I must agree that this is a prof for a somewhat casual player… First time I saw the Supersoaker 4000 was so happy I every minute in the start to get my engi up and get that gun. 4 days ago I found myslef running around RFC just cause I wanted the friggin’ mechanical squirrel:) not only did I get it, I have to make 9 of them for guildies:) It’s silly, and I love it.

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