Tutorial – Setting Up WWS

First things first, you must visit http://wowwebstats.com and create your own account. To do this, simply visit the Create an Account page and fill out the form. After you send your form answers, you’ll be asked to visit your email to verify your new account. When you read the email, it will ask you to click a link to activate your account. Do this.

Once you’ve activated your account, you can log in and begin!

You’ll probably want to use a mod to handle storing your combat logs. I’m currently using LoggerHead, which is downloadable from www.curse.com. Simply download and extract into your Interface > Addons folder like any other mod. This particular mod will prompt you each time you enter a new zone or instance, and you will select either Yes or No when it asks if you’d like to enable combat logging for this zone/instance. You can also configure it before-hand by entering your Blizzard Interface options, Addons tab, and choosing which instances you’d like to log.

If you don’t want to bother using a mod, you can toggle logging on and off via the code /combatlog, just like you would type in /dance.

WWS is a completely free site, and you don’t have to download anything to use it (unless you don’t have Java installed, which you can find here.) Simply click on Start WWS Client and a little Java window will pop up which looks like this –

Client for WWS - Login Screen

From this window, we’ll be loading our logged Raid from our own computer files and transferring it to the WWS server. However, first you must choose the Configuration tab as shown above and enter in your WWS screenname and password. I use the default working directory, but you can choose any folder you wish, including your own special WWS folder that you create. Make sure you check Archive and delete logs after upload – this will keep your log clear. Otherwise you may find that the next log contains the old log as well as the new.

After you’ve entered your information in, select the tab called Upload Report. A second window will pop up, and you must search through your WoW folders to find your combat log. It will always be in a .txt format and is typically called WoWCombatLog.txt. Shown here, mine is located in World of Warcraft > Logs.

WWS Client

Select your combat log and click Open. Your screen will look like this –

Client Screen, Log Selected

Click Host Report and your report will begin to transfer to the WWS server. Here is what that screen will look like.

Loading Screen

Once it’s done uploading, WWS will automatically direct you to your new log! Congratulations! Now you can find out exactly where you went wrong on that Thaddius fight…

❤ Nass


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