Hunter Discussion Sign-Up Page

This is the official Hunter Discussion sign-up page. Below is an ongoing list of those of you who signed up for the hunter discussions. If you wish to sign up, please comment here or send me an email at with your Character’s Name, Server Name, Email, Current Spec, and Length of Time Playing Hunter.

1. Furpie from Gul’dan

2. Shadowin from Bael’gun

3. Dechion from Draenor

4. Xylarisa from Dreadmaul

5. Wulf from Hellscream

6. Caelvin from Kalecgos

7. Ellabean from Thorium Brotherhood

8. Koryxis from Scarlet Crusade

9. Ghellog from Draenor

10. Findiago from Dreadmaul

11. Brajana from Hydraxis

12. Davlin from Hydraxis

13. Killteam from Turalyon

If you signed up but do not see your name here, please contact me or post again.


4 Responses to “Hunter Discussion Sign-Up Page”

  1. Yo Yo Yo, Davlin from Hydraxis here!
    Sign me up!
    Currently BM, , been playing for almost 3 years.

  2. Howdy!
    Blunderbooze here from , Shandris!
    Been a MM for 2-3 years now. E-mail is

  3. Sign me up –

    Sharaya / Female Night Elf Hunter/ US-Tichondrius

    Been playing a hunter for 5 years now! Been marks every one of those days.

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