About Nassira

Hi. I’m Nass. I’m a BloodElf Hunter currently located on the Shandris PvE realm, U.S. EST. I’ve been playing WoW for quite a while now, though I didn’t raid in Vanilla WoW. I’ve taken a few breaks here and there for real-life purposes, but I generally play very regularly and enjoy myself immensely. My current guild is <Explicit>, a kickass group of people who have been playing since the beginning of time. They’ve helped me to experience the upper-level raid content, and have restored my faith in the “dramaless, mature” guild. I PvP occasionally, be it the random battleground or the slew of 10 arenas, though with the struggles as a hunter and the lack of resilience (and the fact that I simply don’t enjoy it much), it’s not a big part of my playtime. I have a few alts, none of which have hit 80 yet, but it’s helping to enhance my knowledge and experience with the other aspects of the game. What I like about WoW is the expansiveness of it. I learn new things every day, and I love it that way. I like experimenting, doing (amateur) spreadsheets, finding new strategies, and of course, owning face. Most of all, I love communicating with others on the subjects I’m most passionate about.

In real life, I’m just a woman. I’m 21, and I currently work as the Marketing Coordinator of an accounting firm in Bethesda, Maryland. I’m always looking for new challenges and experiences, which makes the whole WoW thing make sense. =P


5 Responses to “About Nassira”

  1. Hi there. I saw no way to e-mail you from your main page, so thought I would try to contact you this way.

    I played a NE all the way to L70 in MM spec because I wanted to know MM well when entering raiding. WotLK hit, and I continued to level up to L73 in MM.

    A few months ago I tried a horde guild and made lots of friends there. I just hit L80 on my Orc hunter, while leveling in BM.

    I will probably pick back up the leveling of the NE hunter, but do it in BM.

    But here is my reason for writing……I love MM. However, my Orc has always topped the damage meters in instances until recently. I’m noticing that the DPS Deathknights are now edging me out in the top level stuff. I want to maximize my performance and so now am looking to take my Orc into MM spec to boost performance. Besides the crazy EJ forums, could you suggest some other MM spec reading (yours too) that I could dig into?


  2. Hello! I sent you an email. =)

  3. Do you share your spec you use…I am and have been a marksman from the start and would like to see if I could make improvements to mine..thanks

    • You can always check out my Armory page for my latest Spec, and there’s a link on the right side of the site called “Changes to 3.1 Spec” which also has my current spec posted on WoWhead. =)

  4. You use Humar? Straight up! Hes teh bestest uberness when it comes to cats.

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