Oh Dear – Hodir

#^%$ Hodir.

This dude is really starting to make me angry.

I think my misdirect finger is broken, too. Stupid frost gear vs. damage buffs.

And who do those ice-blocked people think they are, anyway? I say they should pick up the slack a bit.

I will dance on Hodir’s dead body. Okay, so I won’t get to. But I will pretend to dance on a fake dead body of Hodir. And I will like it. It will happen very soon. Very soon.

Very soon.



❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on May 28, 2009.

9 Responses to “Oh Dear – Hodir”

  1. you dont wanna f^&K wih hodir cause hodir will F$%kin kill you

  2. lol I was just recently talking about how messed up Eminem is.

  3. Threat problems? Really? How can people have time to build threat – over 20% of my DPS time is killing the stupid Flash Freezes. And there is nothing like multiple targets spread over a large area to kill MM DPS -_-

  4. Threat problems right off the bat and throughout – most of my time is also on the freezes, but Hodir seems to be hard to hold onto, especially when we were having all our melee stay on Hodir the entire fight.

  5. Oh my! Flesh Freeze! What to do?

    1. Find a circle.
    2. Wait 7 seconds.
    3. Hop on snow mound.
    4. ???
    5. Profit!

    To be honest, I hate Freya even more. And with a freakin’ PASSION.

  6. Have you tried Mimiron yet? he drove me some what insane when we were bashing our heads on him in 1st week of ulduar. We still can’t say “Outplayed” in vent with our poor warlock around…

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