Paladin Schmaladin – Ouch

Uuuuh?Many of you have read and continue to read Ferraro’s Paladin Schmaladin, who, until recently, was supposedly a young woman who worked for Blizzard. did a 15 Minutes of Fame with her, thousands of people read her site every day, and the blog has been active for quite some time. Recently, it has been discovered that Ferraro doesn’t actually exist, and that the blog was actually written by several different people, some of them men. The pictures were stolen from another site, and the person that “her” blog created was created by several different people working together to keep things smooth.

So the question most people are asking is : WHY? Why use some made-up person to give free ideas to the WoW community? I will state the obvious, which, as far as I’ve read, no one has mentioned yet. Everyone is thinking it, so why not just say it?

Being an attractive young woman gets you more views. *gasp*

Many people who read the site will claim “nah, I came because it had good advice!” and sure, maybe that’s why you kept coming back. Let’s just not mention the secret desire you had to see more photos of such a cute little girl. Let’s not mention the fact that most men, especially gamer men, tend to agree with a woman whom they believe is attractive (nod and smile and maybe she’ll let me hold her hand). Let’s not mention that posting images of a hot chick that were professionally taken by someone else to get more people to come to your site can be categorized as MARKETING.

Who holds up a cold can of Cocacola with a pretty smile? An attractive young woman. You may not realize that you were interested in the Coke commercial for anything more than the commercial itself, but in reality your mind sees the young woman, whether you yourself are a woman or not, and let’s face it : women are beautiful. And people are suckers for beauty. Whether or not there is actual sex appeal doesn’t matter. Coming from me, an artist who has seen many a nude, women themselves in their natural forms are works of art.

The bad part is not showing images of an attractive girl. The bad part is the fact that “Ferraro” was the gamer-man’s dream. A beautiful, intelligent gamer-girl who plays for a living, who is passionate and outspoken and spends her time with the geekiest of men.  That is very clearly MANIPULATION of the male gamer community, and I find that to be disgusting.

If you say you did NOT notice her photos when you visited the site, I will straight up call you a liar. I sure noticed them. Then I clicked on them. Then I looked at them and thought : why are all these photos professionally taken? Where’s the fuzzy jpeg photo of her in dirty pj’s and slumping in her computer chair spamming Flash of Light? Sure, she’s beautiful, but clearly she is sharing photos for the purpose of appearances and ONLY appearances. Not to share who she is, and not to share what her life is like, but to stand there and look pretty.

So let’s get it out there : they did it because it brought more people in. It peaked interest. It made people come back. It was an ingenius marketing ploy, but a ploy nonetheless.

My question is, if you’ve got good content and a desire to share, why do you need to use a young woman to bring people in? Unless Paladin Schmaladin / “Ferraro” was making money in one way or another, I can see no good reason why such an intricate and long-lasting lie needed to be woven and kept up. It’s sad really, and it also brings me to another point.

This hurts bloggers everywhere. The REAL bloggers, who simply love to write and share and communicate with like minds. It raises suspicions, makes people uncomfortable, and makes the real female bloggers roll their eyes in disgust. Then there’s always the thought of “maybe more people would read my blog if I snapped a few photos of myself in full makeup”. I’m sure many of the readers of Paladin Schmaladin were taken aback. Most claim they don’t mind as long as the content keeps coming, but there are many people who actually believed they had a real relationship with this “girl”, either in Guilds or through online conversation.

If I had a guild mate who had an entire personality I enjoyed, and I spent a good majority of my time online with that person having conversations and such, and then one day I found out that the person DIDN’T ACTUALLY EXIST and that I’d been speaking to several different people who were all LYING TO ME, I’d be pretty upset.

Deceptive things are deceptive. Liars suck. Yes, I know they eventually came out and “told the truth”. I know they claim to be attempting to “right the wrongs”. I don’t care. They have been doing this for 5 years. They have kept up a fake personality for 5 years. They have lied to everyone for 5 years.

Shame on you.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on June 1, 2009.

19 Responses to “Paladin Schmaladin – Ouch”

  1. Nass.. I hate to admit this but I don’t exist… I’m collection of ideals… not high ideals.. more mid-range ideals, but ideals none the less… sorry.

  2. It turns out that this whole thing was in fact lies upon lies. Ferraro is just one person, and has always been (according to her/his IP address over the last year of commenting on WI). Which makes this all even worse. It’s a giant plea for attention and that’s what she’s getting. It makes me a little sick though, that someone would go to lengths like that. Sheesh!

  3. Now I’m just confused. lol Either way, yeah…how dumb. Just…dumb.

  4. ugh.. cue another one of Neg’s feminist rage about this game. I actually had a friend tell me ingame after yet another thing I said was twisted into sexual innuendo that he actually felt sorry for female gamers, just because we have to deal with all this shit day in an day out. Lovely, just lovely.

  5. Yeah, I get contradictory things from guildmates all the time. One minute they’ll say they feel bad for all the attention and the next they’re tossing out the same bullshit the other guys are giving me.

    On Ferraro, it’s one thing to put a nice pic of yourself on your blog – cool, you’re the author, why not? It’s another to use those fancy photos as a way to get people to look at your work. That’s like selling icecream on the street corner in lingerie. Hey, if you wanna do it, do it! But not everyone is going to approach it the same way, and you WILL get attention you’d rather not get. My question is, if you wanted to be someone else but not have anyone find out, why choose a personality that will stand out? It seems counter-productive.

  6. You have a good point Nass. I think one of the things a lot of people are over looking is how much time & effort it must have actually taken to keep this charade up for so long. If I remember right, (s)he wasn’t even exposed as a fake until someone at blizz saw a photo & said that they’d never seen the person before (it was in the WI article some where but I forget at the moment).
    While I do hate the fact that Ferraro was so dishonest to the WoW community, I have to give at least a couple props for going for so long without getting caught. I mean think about how easy it is to find info about anyone these days. All you have to do is search their name on google for cryin’ out loud (fyi search WoW nassira turned up 3,350 hits). Sadly, I only found 8 hits on my own /cry.

  7. added note: I found 8 hits & 2 almost hits of Mornidine which is apparently some kind of morning sickness/motion sickness drug from back in the 60’s. You want femanist, look up the ads for Mornidine. It was funny & sad at the same time…

  8. So is Nass really Nass? How could we now o.O /conspiracy!


    • LOL I guess you’ll just never know, eh? If you’ve read BigBearButt’s blog on the same topic, I think it’s better no one actually does know for sure…I can’t believe someone threatened to eat his child. o.O People these days…

  9. has a good sumup go to–
    pretty much debunks the coverup she had on her site and sums up the story well.

    •’s info on the IP addresses isn’t really that condradictory to “Ferraro’s” story. had a painfully small sample size, less than 20% of the time Paladin Schmaladin had been written. That means that they’ve got the IPs of “Ferraro7” for sure and possibly “Ferraro6”. admitted that the IP address changed, but it stayed within the same local subnet, meaning that they lived within a few miles of each other. Now, if had the IP adresses over the last 5 years, and they were all close together, it would be much more conclusive evidence, however, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that “f6” and “f7” lived near each other. Most people I know who give away their accounts when they quite give them to friends who they know will enjoy the account, and use them well. I see no difference in this situation. Aside from the Plaigurism, that is.

  10. I’d still have gone to paladin schmaladin without the pics. I tease Nass about how hot she is but actually have no clue. I come for the content pics or no pics.

  11. @renaissance man the thing is though, i do not know from personal expierience but the article states that the ip adress of a certain persons internet changes some over the years and she has said that several of the fearoes are from areas waaaaaaaay away ex: europe and i think she is just trying to lye her way out of the situation. i may be wrong about the ip adresses

  12. the content, and it’s presentation is the important thing. I personally don’t care a hoot about this stunning subterfuge 🙂 when i read about it my first thought was about dread pirate roberts.

    The site – no matter who is writing it – has still presented great info, presented it well – THAT is what’s important. It’s to their credit that despite 7 different authors the spirit of the blog, and the quality of the writing have remined the same.

  13. I sense a deeper mystery. Perhaps NONE of the Ferraros did the writing. Perhaps the first Ferraro owned a house and kept a WoW player chained in the basement theorycrafting Paladin work, and then they made them write Paladin articles and posted them, and then when they moved away, they said to the person who was going to buy the house, look, there’s this Paladin in the basement, and I’ll cut you a deal if you keep this blog going that I started. And so the house and the Paladin and the blog got passed from owner to owner, and that’s why it was always the same IP commenting on WI. Yeah.

  14. LOL I like that theory. =D

  15. “Let’s just not mention the secret desire you had to see more photos of such a cute little girl.”

    I feel ripped off, as I didn’t see the FIRST photos of a cute little girl, let alone MORE photos!

  16. I have never read the blog your talking about but, to me it sounds like ur just be an annoying whiny kid who is mad cuz a blog is getting more views then theirs ever will.

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