WoW Passions

< recently posted a breakfast topic that I felt deserved some writing.

So what are my misunderstood WoW passions?

I think everyone knows the first one – being anal about finding every little detail of information I can regarding just about every aspect of my class. I know we’re all hunters, and a lot of us enjoy this, but those who don’t enjoy it look at me like I’m a Grade A Idiot. I spend so much time doing stupid math problems and discussing  bits of information that most people scoff at as being unimportant. It’s certainly not unimportant to me! I’d say I spend at least an average of four hours a week working those kinds of things out, and it’s in my free time, not my game time.

The next one is tabards. I’m crazy about my tabards. I need to match. If I don’t match, I go crazy.  Seeing my character on the log-in screen wearing a non-matching tabard makes me angry. This moves into…

Artwork. I’m an artsy person, and World of Warcraft can be so visually stunning. I spend hours just taking screenshots, drawing pictures of my character, and planning pictures of my character that I’ll probably never draw. The beautiful artwork in this game inspires me to create my own. In fact, on the epic side of things, it’s even inspiring me to write my own WoW-related story.

Another strange one: I watch the trailers for the game almost every time before I log in. I crank my sound up, turn off the lights, and go at them. It’s one of my favorite parts of the game, and I’m really hoping to see a full-length animated movie from Blizzard, hopefully with music just as glorious as they have in the trailers. Oh, and the first trailer is my favorite. The music is so perfect, and I love seeing all the different classes interacting with each other. Although the voice-acting in the trailer for Wrath gives me goosebumps every time. The best part : “And I know you will show restraint when exercising your great power.” Sometimes the Wrath trailer makes me tear up. Yup. You heard me.

I also get nuts about sorting my bank. I have to have things be Feng Shui or it drives me insane. I’m very passionate about keeping things in order, and I’m the same way with my add-ons. My folder is immaculate. I make sure all the .zip files are deleted right after unzipping, and any add-ons I’ve stopped using get deleted ASAP. In-game, they all have to be perfectly aligned in an aesthetically pleasing way. If my screen is unbalanced, I’ll go so far as to download another add-on to even it out.

Of course, I’m very passionate about the game itself: about raiding, being with friends, storming battlegrounds, or just goofing around in Org…but that’s something everyone can understand.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on June 1, 2009.

14 Responses to “WoW Passions”

  1. I hate not wearing mail on Shaman.. The BiS (Pre-uld) was a cloth chest piece and I could never bring myself to try and get it.. Also, when it did drop mages wanted it so who am I to take their crap?

    But yeah.. I hate not having hte “right” armor type on.

  2. Yeah, I can see how that would be pretty lame.

  3. I love exploring every continent, and still discover new things every now and then. Finding the hidden hunter trainer camp in Ashenvale (if someone else knows where to find them /salute 🙂 ), the trader camp in Redridge Mountains, the haunted island in Hillsbrad, the hidden dwarf village in the Hinterlands. All these places are letting you feel the real atmosphere of Azeroth and the world.
    Also there are those landscapes, which are simply stunning. The Swarm Pillar in Silithus, Stratholme, the Blackrock Mountain, Felwood, Sholazar Basin, Icecrown, and almost every zone of WoW. I just love to revisit them every now and then….

    Oh and Nass: the scene in the original WoW trailer, when the tauran shaman throws his mysterious powder in the wind above a valley….EPIC

  4. sorry for the double posting, firefox did’nt display it first so i posted it again out of accident…

  5. What double-post? 😉 No worries. I agree, the zones are just gorgeous. And I do love the Tauren shaman part, but especially love when he beats the dwarf’s bear with a pole. =D I love the heavy feeling of the whole encounter. Everything feels so solid and bold, and the movements of the creatures are so believably labored. Much respect to the animators.

  6. Ah, yes, I hear ya on the bank organization. I’m that way about my bags too. I think I spend too much time sorting and organizing my bank and bags.

    I also love collecting gear/weapons that just look good together. (Some RP habits never die, I suppose!)

    • @Syrana – I once spent three hours finding an outfit that was all red. lol

      @Darksentinel – LOL at dominance of X vs. Y ❤

  7. I’m a bit of a sucker for tabards myself, and do sort through my bank pretty often, even arranging all my gear (on the paladin there’s 5 sets now) into order by slot. Although sometimes I’m in too much of a hurry. I claim alternating dominances of X and Y chromosomes.
    And yes the cinematics are amazing, I especially like the vocals roughly 47 seconds into the Wrath trailer. Haunting & beautiful.

  8. Dang it Nass, you beat me to my favorite scene. 😉 The gun fires, the bear charges, and the Tauren smashes everything with that giant totem pole staff/mace thingy. The animation, action, sound, and music is just awesome!

    The Tauren Shaman with magic dust scene is a close second, I especially love the music at that point.

  9. Oh yeah… forgot to add…

    I love your math problems. =D

  10. Hehe Thanks! ❤

  11. I don’t like to not wear my guild tabard. I figure I’m in the guild, so I need to show my colors. I’ll wear a rep tabard in an instance, but will take it off as soon as I leave.

    The only exception is the Argent Dawn tabard I got from last year’s Scourge Invasion event. I’ll wear that one…but only when I’m sporting my “Argent Crusader” title. Otherwise it doesn’t fit.

    Also, whenever I get Old Spices from the cooking daily I run around Dalaran sprinkling it on Undead and Death Knights. Baby Spice gets thrown at people riding mammoths. 😉

  12. lol @ sprinkling Old Spice on UD! You’re like the Tooth Fairy of OldSpice.

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