And Now for Something Completely Different

How do you feel about Godbane Signet?

Right now, it still looks good to me. Am I crazy? Sure, the expertise is useless, but the other stats are damn good. What are your thoughts?

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on June 3, 2009.

15 Responses to “And Now for Something Completely Different”

  1. Your asking us if your crazy after your last post ???
    but yah seems like godbane is pretty much on par or better then other rings on its ilvl. The thing is you lost Armor pen or haste for 50more ap. The Expertise on it seems to have a rather low budget seeing how it gives 4. Pretty much good for a hunter/plate class great for a rogue

  2. It’s like taking Rune Edge before all the other melee get it. Sure, it looks pretty, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s not itemized toward hunters.

    • Rune Edge is a horrible weapon for most melee, its a hunter weapon all the way, the only melee who take this are the ones that dont understand agi is trash for them and that there are several better weapons for them in Ulduar 25

  3. Hmm, you don’t think Rune Edge is Hunter? I sure think it is! But I do see what you’re saying about the ring, as I think it applies there more obviously. However, if it’s better than the other options, then it’s better than the other options…I don’t know.

  4. Rune Edge is definitely itemized towards Hunters. Just like Lotrafen. But neither have Expertise either. If you are killing Yogg, Godbane Signet shouldn’t be on your list of upgrades in my opinion.

  5. If it’s a “No one else wants it and it’s an upgrade for you” situation, then sure. Of course. But that’s doubtful right now unless you are Ensidia with Yogg on farm.

    Otherwise, I’d hold out and save DKP for the Cindershard ring and/or Metallic Loop of the Sufferer (Or Loop of the Agile if in 10-mans).

    P.S. How you like the changes to Hunter’s Mark and Master Marksman?

    P.P.S. Rune Edge is totally for hunters.

  6. Er… I suppose the wording came out poorly for that. I didn’t mean that Rune Edge is not itemized for hunters, but it definitely doesn’t have hunter priority.

  7. As a Hunter I would not roll on that the first time it dropped in my raid. Yes, I’d want it, but I’d pass on it for others unless no-one else wants it.
    It’s more Feral Druid or Enhance Shaman ring first, I think.

    Basically, I agree with Hesston completely (including his question regarding your thoughts to Hunter changes and by extension how that affects our specs now)

  8. Cindershard Ring.

    Get it, love it. It’s perfectly itemized for you guys. 😉

  9. There are two ring slots, you know. 😉

    I want bling.

  10. Negs and I had this argument a while back, and I believe our mutual consensus was “take it if it’s an upgrade and only if none of the melee needs it at all”.

  11. Its a melee dps ring. If you were bm however you might be able to make a point of why you should be able to roll on it with everyone else. But other than that dont roll on it unless nobody else needs and its an upgrade.

  12. I’m with everybody else. If no melee want it, take it.

    Of course one day pets will scale with your expertise….

  13. Now that’s just crazy talk! =P

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