Oh Dear – Hodir

•May 28, 2009 • 9 Comments

#^%$ Hodir.

This dude is really starting to make me angry.

I think my misdirect finger is broken, too. Stupid frost gear vs. damage buffs.

And who do those ice-blocked people think they are, anyway? I say they should pick up the slack a bit.

I will dance on Hodir’s dead body. Okay, so I won’t get to. But I will pretend to dance on a fake dead body of Hodir. And I will like it. It will happen very soon. Very soon.

Very soon.



❤ Nass


There Can Only Be One

•May 27, 2009 • 9 Comments

HighlanderThere can only be one Best in Slot. Sure, there’s “this is the best for me until” and plenty of “definitely helps me-s”, but there’s only one true Best in Slot. Of course, some of them are going to come from Hard Mode. But let’s go over what Best in Slot really means.

Best in Slot – Currently the BEST POSSIBLE PIECE for a particular gear or weapon slot.

If that piece happens to come from something you’re never going to run, it is still Best in Slot. Maybe it’s not your best available piece, but it will always be Best in Slot until a new bit of gear is put into the game.

In our guild, we have a system of loot in which there are several phrases we say when we ask for gear. Here are the rules:

1. Link the item you are upgrading from in raid.
2. In the same /ra message, give us short but pertinent information regarding what type of upgrade this will be, if any. You should be using keywords like, but not limited to, the ones below:

“Best in Slot” – This item is something that you will not be replacing until new content is released.
“2pc”, “4pc”, etc – For Tier gear. This item grants you a desired set bonus.
“Desired” or “Major Upgrade” – You really want this item. This item is a fairly major upgrade for you, though perhaps not best in slot.
“Interested” or “Minor – Fair Upgrade” – You are slightly to fairly interested in this item. This item may not be the best upgrade for you, but still considerable enough for interest. You may also consider passing if others put their names in for it.
“Lowball” – You only want this item if it would otherwise rot/no one else wants it.
“Offspec” – Obviously.

So if someone says, “Best in Slot until the real Best in Slot”, what is that?? Certainly not the real Best in Slot. I’d say it’s a Desired/Major upgrade, but don’t be throwing around “BiS” like it’s candy at a parade.

After doing the math on the difference between the Envoy of Morality and the Siren’s Cry, I’ve found that it’s approximately an 8 DPS difference on a 7:00 minute fight, perhaps a bit less, especially taking into account that you lose 16 Attack Power by switching to Siren’s Cry.

8 DPS? I’d call that a minor upgrade. An upgrade, and a small one, but still an upgrade, and therefore still desireable. So when someone claims that it’s “BEST IN SLOTOMG!! (until hard mode)”, it’s a little frustrating when you’ve done the math and can very honestly say that it’s a small upgrade.

But we’re hunters. Small upgrades are big upgrades, and every hunter wants a few extra DPS. Always.

So when that slight upgrade goes to the hunter who’s been out of raids for over 4 weeks while you’ve been struggling with progression the entire time to even get to that boss, it’s a little frustrating. All because the other hunter claims it was a better upgrade than what I claim. And I can’t fault the Loot Council for that – they did what they did because it seemed right at the time – but as I said:

There can only be ONE Best in Slot. And that wasn’t it.

❤ Nass

New Hunter Discussions Scheduled

•May 26, 2009 • 10 Comments

I return from my vacation very happy, healthy, and red. Yes, I now have a sexy Irish tan.

The polls have been up for a while and it looks like the majority of you would like to learn more about a hunter’s roles and trials in Ulduar. So we’ll talk about that!

I’m scheduling this discussion for this upcoming Saturday, May 30th at 12:00pm, noon EST. This is in the hopes that we can get some of our European listeners to participate again. =) If you would like to take part in the Hunter Discussions this Saturday, please send me an email (Dairina321@gmail.com) with your character name, server, and current Raiding progression. I would like at least three people not including myself to participate.

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR EMAIL REGULARLY for updates and ventrilo information. I’ll be contacting you throughout the week to get things organized. Thank you in advance!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

❤ Nass


•May 20, 2009 • 14 Comments


I’ll be on vacation from WoW until next Wednesday and on vacation in real life starting Friday til Tuesday. This is much-needed and should be lots of fun! I’ll catch you all on the flip side.

❤ Nass

Math Reworked

•May 19, 2009 • 13 Comments

With some help from yet another mathmatician, we now have the following equation –

AWDAS = [((AD + (RAP/RAPF)) * WS) + ((WMIN + WMAX)/2)] * (1 + ([MODS]))

Average White Damage Auto Shot = [((Ammo DPS + (Ranged Attack Power/Ranged Attack Power Conversion Factor)) * Weapon Speed) + ((Weapon Minimum Dmg + Weapon Maximum Dmg)/2)] * (1 + ([Modifiers from talents]))

AD = Mammoth Cutters (67.5)

Raid-buffed RAP = 6053

RAPF = 14

Weapon = Envoy of Morality + Haste @ 2.24

Min/Max Weapon Damage for Envoy of Morality = 314-584

Talent Modifiers = Focused Fire @ 2% (0.02), Improved Tracking @ 5% (0.05), Ranged Weapon Specialization @ 5% (0.05), Marked for Death @ 5% (0.05)

Average Auto-Shot = [((67.5 + (6053/14)) * 2.24) + ((314 + 584)/2)] * (1 + (0.02 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05))

Average Auto-Shot = [((67.5 + 432) * 2.24) + (898/2)] * (1 + 0.17))

Average Auto-Shot = [(499 * 2.24) + 449] * 1.17

Average Auto-Shot = [1117 + 449] * 1.17

Average Auto-Shot = 1832

Knowing this, we can then do the equation adding 60 Attack Power, which yields:

Average Auto-Shot = [((67.5 + (6113/14)) * 2.24) + ((314 + 584)/2)] * (1 + (0.02 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05))

Average Auto-Shot = [((67.5 + 436) * 2.24) + (898/2)] * (1 + 0.17))

Average Auto-Shot = [(503 * 2.24) + 449] * 1.17

Average Auto-Shot = [1126 + 449] * 1.17

Average Auto-Shot = 1842

The difference between the two is 10 total damage points. That’s pretty insignificant considering that within a 4:48 fight against Kologarn, I landed a total of 109 Auto Shots.

109 * 10 = 1,090 damage, which is almost 4 DPS.

But then you have to think about the rest of your shots. Most of them are scaled by your RAP, and some are directly affected by your Shot Damage as well. For instance, look at Volley –

((RAP/14) + 353) * (1 + (MODS)) = Volley Damage

((6053/14) + 353) * (1 + (0.02 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05)) = Volley Damage

(432 + 353) * (1 + 0.17) = Volley Damage

918 = Volley Damage

Adding 60 Attack Power would give you:

((6113/14) + 353) * (1 + (0.02 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05)) = Volley Damage

(436 + 353) * (1 + 0.17) = Volley Damage

923 = Volley Damage

This gives us a difference of 5 Damage per hit. From the same 4:48 Kologarn fight, adding 5 DMG per hit to all my Volley hits (83 total hits) means 415 total damage, which is >1 DPS.

Chimera is also affected by Attack Power. The equation for Chimera is simply 125% Damage, and 125% of our 1832 Auto Shot is 2290. Add 60 AP to that and it becomes 2302, for a difference of 12 DMG. Add 12 DMG to all of my Chimera Shots (total of 24 shots) and it becomes 288, which is exactly 1 DPS.

Arcane Shot = RAP * 0.15 + 492, which with 6053RAP is 1400, and with Improved Arcane talents, we get an extra 15% of that, which becomes 1610. If we add 60 RAP to this, it becomes 1620, a difference of 10 DMG. Adding 10 DMG to each Arcane shot (21 total shots) gives us 210 DMG, which is just shy of 1 DPS.

Serpent Sting = RAP * 0.2 + 1210 over 15 seconds (tics every 3 seconds), so our Serpent Sting total damage is 2420, add 30% from Improved Stings and you get 3146. Add 60 RAP to this and it becomes 3161. Then those numbers get divided by 5 to learn how much each Tic is worth. The original tics for 629. The +60RAP tics for 632, for a difference of 3 damage per tic. My Serpent Sting ticked a total of 62 times, which is 186 DMG. This is 1/2 DPS, and we’ll be nice and round that to 1DPS.

Chimera/Serpent Damage = 40% of total Sting damage. This is 1258, and adding 60 RAP to this gives us 1264 for a difference of 6 DMG. My Chim/Serpent went off 16 times (ouch, my bad) for a total of 96 DMG. This is 1/3 DPS. We will be nice and round to 1DPS.

Aimed Shot = Ranged Dmg + 408. Using our average damage from above, that’s 2240. Adding 60 AP gives us 2250 for a difference of 10 DMG. In the Kologarn fight, Aimed Shot was fired a total of 22 times for a total of 220 DMG, just short of 1DPS.

Steady Shot = RAP * 0.1 + 252 + unmodified weapon damage. I am relatively unclear as to what constitutes as “unmodified weapon damage” in this situation, but I’m assuming that overall, we’ll see about a 1DPS increase from adding 60RAP…seem fair? =P I will have to revisit this when I am sure about the equation.

Kill Shot = 200% Weapon Damage + (RAP * 0.4) + 650, so it will initially be 6735 damage, and adding 60RAP to this gives us 6779 for a difference of 44DMG. I fired Kill Shot 7 times for a total of 308DMG, which is >1DPS.

Attack power also affects our Pet DPS. Our pet gets a percentage of our Attack Power. 1RAP gives our pet 0.22AP, meaning 60RAP gives Ceallach 13.2AP. Since Ceallach was 15% of my total DPS, giving him 13AP will increase his damage slightly, thereby, of course, increasing my damage slightly. Unfortunately, I can’t find the equations for Swing or Bite, so I will have to revisit this one as well.

Wild Quiver is also affected by RAP. Wild Quiver gives us 80% weapon damage. 80% of 1832 is 1465. 80% with the 60RAP is 1473 for a difference of 8 DMG. Wild Quiver was fired 10 times for a total of 80DMG. This is approximately 1/4DPS.

Piercing Shots will be affected, as well, but this would be hellish to calculate using that Kologarn fight, since I’d have to dig for which shots triggered PS at which times, then add the 60RAP to each of those. I won’t be doing that. We’ll just say it gives us slightly less than 1DPS.

Adding everything together, we find that 60RAP gives us approximately 13DPS in that particular scenario.

Now let’s take our non-60RAP-buffed numbers for Serpent Sting and figure out what Glyph of Serpent Sting will yield.

3146 total Serpent dmg, each tic for 629. Six seconds from Glyph gives us 2 more tics, totalling at 1258 DMG per Serpent Sting added. 1258 + 3146 = 4404. 40% of 4404 is 1761, therefore each Chim/Serpent we fire gives us 1761 damage instead of 1258 for a difference of 503DMG. Multiply that by our 16 hits and we have 8048 total damage. 8048 damage during a 288 second fight is approximately 28DPS.

Therefore, Glyph of Serpent Sting is most definitely superior to Glyph of Hunter’s Mark by approximately, and probably more than 15DPS. Glyph of Hunter’s Mark will be close to equal with two hunters of similar damage, and superior with three hunters, so long as the other hunters don’t have the same glyph.

**EDIT** Fennec brought up a good point – in my haste, I didn’t mention that I tested ALL shots against 60 RAP because I was quite simply interested in seeing what it would do. I did not add Volley, Steady Shot, or Pet Damage to the approximate Glyph of Hunter’s Mark DPS, and that is just a rounded, estimated number based on the averages I’ve found. **END EDIT**

Excuse me while I scoop my eyeballs back into my head.

❤ Nass

Icky Math

•May 19, 2009 • 7 Comments

Okay. After consulting someone who’s better at figuring this stuff out than I am (a.k.a. Nillas), I now have the equation for figuring out white ranged damage. This is important, because it will let us see the difference that attack power actually makes. If anyone sees any problems with the equation, please tell me.

Average White Damage A.S. Hit = (67.5*2.24+(6053/14)*2.24+2094)(.02+.05+.05)

= 1370.96

Ammo Dps = 67.5
Weapon Speed = 2.24
(Ranged) Attack Power = 6053
Average of Range of damage from weapon = 2094
i.e. 1943-2245 (1943+2245)/2
2% modifier = .02
5% modifier = .05

These are my stats while fully raid and self-buffed. The modifiers are Focused Fire, Marked for Death, and Ranged Weapon Specialization. We could also add in Improved Tracking – oh man, lame. Forgot about that one. We’ll leave it out for now, since below, I show that I can’t go any further….lame.

Let’s see what happens when we add 60 Attack Power to this equation.

Average White Damage A.S. Hit = (67.5*2.24+(6113/14)*2.24+2094)(.02+.05+.05)

But wait…how do we find the new average White damage? We don’t know the new range.

Wow, this is frustrating.

*pulls hair out*

EDIT – Oh wait…I think I just confused myself. Yup. Thoroughly confused. >.<

❤ Nass


•May 18, 2009 • 9 Comments

Remember how I said I was doing some really funky things?

I think I like them. o.O

Here’s my current spec. My glyphs are Aimed Shot, Kill Shot, and Hunter’s Mark. Weird. I like the Kill Shot glyph and certainly think it’s worth it, especially on bosses with multiple adds, like Auriaya (the Cat Lady). I might take Glyph of Chimera Shot over Glyph of Aimed Shot, but I’m afraid it might make my rotation somewhat choppy. We shall see. With Glyph of Hunter’s Mark, my single target DPS increases considerably, since I have both Improved Hunter’s Mark and the glyph, giving me over 100 extra attack power on my target added to the usual Hunter’s Mark bonus. The question now is whether it can out-DPS the benefits of the bonus Chimera damage from the 6-second-extended Serpent Sting glyph. Doubtful, but I’d like to run the math regardless.

My DPS actually did increase overall during Ulduar last night. I continue to use my Wolf, Ceallach (Ceallach means “little Kelly” or “little warrior”, and since my name is Kelly, it’s like naming him MiniMe) and I’m definitely benefitting from the Attack Power boost. I attribute most of the improvement to simply being on my A-game last night and being officially acclimated to the earlier Ulduar fights, but you never know. We’ll see how tonight goes.

Since I’m still messing with things and getting a feel for them, I certainly wouldn’t recommend that anyone simply copy the above spec and glyphs – like I said, I’m messing around. But it’s interesting to try something different and see the results and minute changes in play. Let’s see how tonight’s Hodir attempts go. Also a great situation for the Glyph of Kill Shot. We totally got him to like 10% last night before he enraged, and we’ll definitely get him down tonight.

❤ Nass

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